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For Women Tired of Workouts and Diets that Don't Work...Learn how to get the body you want While Enjoying ABS Pancakes as part of a Done for you Meal Plan!


Discover the Simple, Step-by-Step Blueprint to the Lean Body You've Always Wanted

What is Flat ABS for Women?

It’s a 90 Day Weight Loss & Fitness Program created with specific female friendly workouts and nutrition that melts fat, tones your gorgeous curves and tightens your tummy by giving you exactly what to do step-by-step every day for 90 days – so it’s easy for you to maintain a fit and feminine body.

It’s made of up 3 essential keys to permanent results:

1. Strategic Indulgence:

The biologically-proven way to have chocolate, cheese, wine and alcohol and still shed fat just as quickly – so you enjoy yourself and stick with it through a method called mindful eating

2. Strength Training:

Stay leaner and strong than you ever have been with a step-by-step female strength training program. The key to lasting fat loss=female strength training.

3. Inner Strength:

A daily blueprint that makes you mentally and emotionally powerful with unstoppable confidence and self-esteem – eliminating the #1 reason diets and workouts fail while also giving you unshakable confidence to love your body and your life.

In the Flat ABS for Women Program, You’ll learn how to incorporate your favorite foods (like ABS Pancakes) into your daily nutrition program while getting the fit body you want:

What can you expect to get with the Flat ABS for Women Program?

  • A fit, feminine, athletic body that’s actually as strong as it looks
  • A mindset that teaches you how to love your body and love your life
  • A step-by-step strength training program for females to help you lose fat, strengthen and tone your total body, and increase your energy while keeping all those gorgeous feminine curves
  • A full education on nutrition for the female body and how to incorporate your favorite foods like desserts, wine, pancakes, carbs, etc into your nutrition program while still getting the body you want
  • Exclusive Access to the Flat ABS for Women community where you can connect with me directly and dozens of other women just like you going through the Flat ABS for Women Program (Having a support system like the Flat ABS for Women community is what makes the difference between constantly moving towards your goals with other women holding you accountable and losing motivation because you are going through it alone)
  • A healthy relationship with food—that allows you to eat mindfully so you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods as part of a fit nutrition program WITHOUT any food-related guilt
  • Freedom from the cycle of dieting, binging and low self-esteem
  • A daily guide to inner thought training to help you overcome obstacles that have kept you from the body you want in the past (and the key component to why this program works!)
  • The Flat ABS for Women full exercise video library that consist over 100+ videos to show you exactly how to perform each exercise efficiently and properly to get the most out of the workout
  • Exclusive email content of motivation, workout tips, healthy recipes and so much more that I keep for my Flat ABS community only
  • Learn how to use weights and strength training to overcome anything in life and to hit your health and fitness goals

...and so so much more!

Why should you get the Flat ABS for Women Program?

As a woman who has personally struggled with the low self-esteem and the battle of thoughts like:

I know what it feels like to constantly feel like you can’t have the body you want and no matter what you try it seems you always fall short. To torture yourself with diet after diet and crazy long workouts hoping that if you did enough then your body would finally start to look like what you see in magazines. I truly believed that the “right diet” and the “right workouts” would help me finally have a body I love and then life would all be perfect.

I went through all of this and all it got me was: relationships I didn’t want, low self-esteem, a lingering feeling of anxiety, and overall a mediocre dissatisfied life. I was constantly battling the hate in myself.

Going through all of this not only helped me realize the truth about having a body and a life that I love, but it also gave me FREEDOM.

And now, it is my passion to help women all over the world discover the same truths that helped me to start enjoying life and loving my body.

What if I told you, you can actually stop doing all of the hour long cardio sessions and just lift weights for 30 minutes or so and lose weight faster and keep it off?!

What if I told you, you don’t have to cut out any food groups in order to lose weight?!

What if you could free yourself for good of ever having to do another diet or buy another weight loss program?

Lastly, what if you could walk away from each workout feeling empowered, strong, and confident ready to take on anything in life?

If you said yes, to ANY of these questions then the Flat ABS for Women program was made exactly for YOU.

When I started my weight loss efforts I weighed 426 pounds. I had no energy, no motivation, very little self-confidence and no hope for a happy future. I’ve always had friends and been extremely personable but in retrospect, I used those positive attributes as a cover up for the unhappiness that filled my life. When I met Ashley she immediately made me feel comfortable. She greeted me with a sincere smile and positive attitude. I thought I would feel awkward and embarassed trying to do the exercises that she wanted me to but she always modified the movements to my abilities and comfort level. She also made me a meal plan and introduced me to healthier eating habits. I found myself enjoying different foods that I never would thought I would like!

With the help of Ashley’s workouts, a healthier I now weigh 318 lbs. I have more energy and self confidence than I ever have in my life. Being able to lose over 100 pounds has showed me that nothing is impossible. It’s hard work and I may get tired (mentally) every now and then but Ashley is a great motivator and friend. She believes in me and I know she won’t let me stop believing in myself. Thanks Ashley, I’m looking forward to the next 100 lbs!

Lost Over 100lbs!

… I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 178lbs. I was determined to lose weight and had investigated different gyms and trainers, most of which were out of my price range. Then I found Ashley! She was very affordable and willing to work with my busy schedule. I started eating clean and working out with her at first two days a week then three. I had never lifted weights in my life and it had been years since I ran a mile. On one of my first workouts, I remember just walking a brisk quarter of a mile and getting winded, but in early December I ran my first 5k!!

I have lost 35lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 6. Ashley has not only helped me get started working out, but she has helped me to stick to it. It is so helpful to know another person is going to be meeting you and pushing you to do what you don’t think you can do.

Ashley is very patient, understanding and encouraging. She mixes up each work out so I am not bored. One of my favourite things about Ashley is that she has never weighed me. She puts more emphasis on how I feel about myself and how healthy I am. It is freeing to not be looking at the scale every day. I truly thank God for her and how she has been with me on this journey to being healthy.

Went from a size 12 to a size 6!

How does it Work?

The entire training program is available the moment you complete your registration.

Workout on your own schedule.

The workouts are created so that you can structure them around your busy life in the morning, afternoon, or evening it is totally up to you when you want to do your daily workouts.

Fool proof nutrition.

Complete step by step daily meal planning with options. This means if there is something you don’t like or maybe you have an event coming up, you can swap out foods to make it work for your lifestyle and taste buds!

Mobile and Tablet Friendly.

Your daily workouts, meal swap guide, nutrition and videos can all be viewed on your phone, computer or tablet so you have full access at the gym, the grocery store and when you travel.

Lifelong Access to the materials and to Yours Truly.

The Flat ABS for Women is a system that I have used for years in my own life and is something you can re-use over and over to continue to stay fit, lean, and feminine. The material, videos, and Flat ABS community of women is yours forever.

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