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Who doesn't love Pancakes & Waffles?

We do too! But we also don’t like feeling sluggish and guilty after eating the typical high carb pancakes full of flour and artificial ingredients. This is exactly why we created ABS Protein Pancakes! To help you enjoy daily stacks of pancakes and waffles while also sticking to your health and nutrition goals.

We threw out the chalky protein shakes and traded them in for our delicious ABS Protein Pancakes & Waffle mix. 1 Serving of our ABS provides over 25g Protein while staying Low Carb (Every flavor is under 8g net carbs), Low Sugar and Under 200 Calories. Plus, we make sure to deliver the highest quality of ingredients so our mix is 100% Natural.

Why drink a protein shake when you can have ABS Protein Pancakes?

Don't supplement your food. Satisfy with ABS.

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