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As Seen on Shark Tank


Every one of our flavors has over 25g Protein and is Under 8g net carbs for a stack of 3-4 delicious protein pancakes or protein waffles while staying All Natural, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO. This means we are fitness friendly, keto friendly, paleo friendly, kid friendly, and just the perfect meal replacement packed full of flavor and nutrition. 

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"I was surprised and amazed at how good the pancake mixes were, easy to make, satiating, and provided the nutritional benefit I sought Its been easier to achieve some weight loss goals. 

For me it's been the perfect product to eat, post exercise!!! I highly recommend trying this product!!!"

Phyllis P.

"Best pancakes for the macros! Delicious pancakes while fitting into my nutritional goals. I havent found any other product that tastes this good while fitting into the macronutrient profile that works for me!

Nick S.

"Been purchasing these mixes for two years and I absolutely love them. They take the edge of my carb cravings."

Pamela M.

You can use the ABS to replace any one of your daily meals as a great source of protein for your breakfast, lunch, & dinner, or as your pre/post-workout nutrition that is packed full of protein, but light on carbs. 

3 Pack Trio

Try out all 3 of our flavors of Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Cake Batter & Cinnamon Roll with our 3 Pack! Every flavor has over 25g of Protein and is Under 8g Net Carbs. 1 Serving makes 3-4 protein pancakes.


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