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Why You Need ABS Protein Pancakes? 



   What Makes Us Different From Other Pancake & Waffle Mixes? 

What makes ABS Protein Pancakes from other pancake and waffle mixes out there starts with our quality nutrition. Every flavor of ABS is Certified Gluten Free, All Natural and Non-GMO. 1 serving of our ABS Protein Pancakes is 3-4 Pancakes or 1 Protein Waffle with every flavor being under 8g net carbs while most mixes are 20g processed carbohydrates and more. On top of this every serving of ABS has 25g of protein or more per serving! We also are low in sugar with only 3g of sugar per serving since we use the natural stevia plant as our sweetener. Yes, all three flavors has only 3g of sugar! Besides our quality nutrition, what makes ABS different is that we provide added value to every order with delicious recipes, monthly newsletters, nutrition and fitness coaching, and so much more.

ABS Protein Pancakes Nutrition

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