I was very shocked at how absolutely delicious these protein pancakes were. I purchased the vanilla cake flavor, not knowing what to expect. After following a very simple prep to making these pancakes, I added some gluten free sugar free syrup on top. I was hooked after my first bite. The taste was sensational. I was very satisfied and surprisingly stuffed afterwards. You must try these. I would recommend them to anyone
Na’Iyma Thompson Bikini Competitor
I recently purchased the vanilla cake batter pancake mix, and I love it! It is simply delicious. I top them with the sugar free syrup, and stevia. I have a big sweet tooth in the evening. So, I have been eating these as my last meal. It not only satisfies the craving but it’s so good I feel like I’m cheating. It is a must have! You won’t be disappointed!
Debra- Tampa, FL
I decided to try this particular protein pancake mix due to my sensitivity to gluten and various whey proteins that often left me feeling sick after consuming them. Not only do these flavors taste good and not make me feel ill but the pancakes are super simple to make! The price is comparable if not less than what you’d pay normally for certain brands of protein from a health food store. I highly recommend this mix to anyone who enjoys delicious, healthy pancakes as well as those who may suffer from similar ingredient sensitivities.
Rebekah Rojas- Tampa, FL
Before buying the ABS pancake mix I was always trying to create my own pancakes, but they never had a good consistency and always ended up having way too many carbohydrates and too much sugar for my diet. I bought Ashley’s pancake mix and loved it!! I make them almost every morning or whenever I have a sweet tooth and need to kill my cravings. They have almost no sugar in them and are very filling. I will continue to purchase the mix and would recommend it to everyone!
Alexandra, Houston
Hi! I received the ABS Pancakes yesterday! Thank you so much for sending them! I just made the chocolate cake batter! YUM! I love that the texture is actually like a “real” pancake!
Tawny Clark Health and Fitness Expert
Oh my! The pancakes are amazing! I was a little skeptical when I first tried these, but now I am hooked at how much these taste not just like pancakes, but also like dessert! I crave the ABS Pancakes every night now since I have tried Cake Batter, Chocolate Chip and the other recipes on the facebook page! I am sold on these bad boys!
Josh McClelland Personal Trainer Powerhouse Gym