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Best Pancakes in the World





Tired of Drinking Chalky Protein Shakes and “Cardboard” Bars, but still want to get your daily protein and stick to your healthy eating?


How About Eating a Mountain of Fluffy Mouth-Watering Pancakes with under 8 grams of Carbs and over 24g of Lean Protein…


Discover the Comfort Food that YOU can eat every day while losing weight and working on your ABS….


Do you wish that you could eat something other than protein shakes as meal replacement and still walk away feeling like this?







What if your daily meal replacement or protein intake consisted of things like:


Chocolate Chip Pancakes




Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes



Vanilla Cake Batter Pancakes





Would it be easier for you to stick to your nutrition every day instead of resorting to protein drinks and “liquid meals”?

In case you’ve never heard of ABS Protein Pancakes, I am here to tell you a little story about how ABS changed my life and how it can change yours so that you can stop drinking those protein shakes and start enjoying these mouth-watering pancakes while staying fit and lean ….













My name is Ashley Drummonds and I am a Health and Fitness Expert to individuals just like you all over the world. I am the creator of Bikini Body Fat Burn and the ABS Transformation Program that has helped dozens of individuals lose weight, transform their bodies and get a firm, lean stomach.                                                         


I have been recognized as one of the Top Trainers on, Working Women of Tampa Bay, have been featured on ABC Action News as an ABS expert, featured in Oxygen magazine and am a regular contributing nutrition author to I have worked in some of the top fitness facilities in America and have trained top athletes.

Look, before creating ABS Protein Pancakes I was just your average person who loved breakfast

…on top of that loved PANCAKES!

Being in the fitness industry constantly training clients on health and nutrition along with doing photo shoots regularly the only time I could have Pancakes was for my “cheat meal” which was one time a week if I was lucky…  

You know how it is when you are focused on your nutrition, your eating usually consist of egg whites, broccoli, brown rice, greens, chicken breast, protein powder mixed with water, meal replacement bar that makes you gag because it tastes like cardboard etc…and that gets old and bland really fast!

Cheat meal comes around and I would always stuff my face with all of these “off limit” foods because I felt so deprived and starving for something with flavor!

Of course, that involved me indulging in my obsession of pancakes that would leave me feeling:

  • Bloated
  • Tired
  • Fat
  • Sluggish/Lethargic

My health and fitness experience and knowledge knew better then to consume the toxic junk that is in most pancake brands filled with harmful ingredients like:

  • Enriched Flour Bleached (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid)
  • Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and/or Cottonseed Oil (aka Trans Fat)
  • Leavening (Baking Soda, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate),
  • Dextrose
  • Preservatives
  • GMO’s (Genetically Modified Ingredients…aka Chemicals are put in the ingredient to change the duration, the make up or the flavor of it)
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Sugar
  • Tons of Processed Carbs! (most have over 30g per serving of processed carbs!)

    But I had NO choice! There was no other option out there and there was NO WAY I was drinking another Protein Shake and calling that a “meal”…I think in order for something to count as a meal it should involve chewing!

    I needed a solution that gave me my daily protein needs, was low carb and just as healthy if not HEALTHIER than a protein shake or eating a chewy protein bar.






    Something that tasted like the real thing-didn't leave me starving-and would allow me to continue my photo shoots, my fitness career and feeling confident in myself.

    I was tired and frustrated…I wanted to keep my abs and keep my pancakes! I wanted both!


    So I started my journey…

    My journey to create a HEALTHY Pancake mix that you can literally eat EVERY DAY (like I do) that is made up of a Custom blend of protein that is Non GMO, All Natural, Gluten Free, Low Carb, High Protein, and has the highest quality of taste….

    So that….you can work on your ABS while eating pancakes every day that leave you feeling

    • Energized
    • Slim                              
    • Satisfied


    WITHOUT sacrificing taste with flavors like Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Swirl and Vanilla Cake Batter!









    Did I know anything about Pancakes to start this journey? Absolutely not. However, I do know a lot about nutrition and that I was tired of drinking protein shakes, nutrition bars, and feeling bad about my love for Pancakes!

    You see, I struggled a lot with myself and finding a balance enjoying things I love while still being happy with how I look. I believe in Authenticity in life, in business, and in myself yet it felt like my life reflected something completely different.

    While working as a health and fitness expert I was constantly doing fitness photo shoots and in every photo shoot in order to “look the part” not only were Pancakes taken completely out of my meal plan because there was no way I could consume that and expect to look fit, but I also was having to do cardio 2x a day on top of lifting for 45-60 minutes a day.

    I was on a VERY strict diet that consisted of plain egg whites, very little carbs, lots of protein shakes, rice cakes and broccoli (ugh that just sounds awful today)…and I was stressed to the max.

    Have you tried this approach already? Not fun!

    Every day I would wake up, looking to see if my stomach was any flatter and if my abs started showing up more. I checked my body fat, my waist line, checked everything to make sure I was ready for this shoot.

    I looked great on the outside, but on the inside I felt like crap about myself, was incredibly unhappy because I felt like I couldn’t enjoy life and I wanted to gag at the thought of eating more of the same foods.

    All I wanted was those freakin’ abs…I didn’t care what bland food I had to eat I would do it!

    This was the vicious cycle and story of my life until creating an amazing solution that I am about to share with you in a moment…

    I was struggling…a lot.

    Do I keep drinking protein powder and calling it a “meal” to keep my abs without enjoying my favorite food even though I was exhausted and sick of all of it?



    Or do I forget about my fitness career and just enjoy my favorite comfort foods like pancakes? (in my mind these were the only two options and at that time there really was no solution)…

    In the meantime, I was asked to do another photo shoot. Both excitement and fear ran through my mind, I loved doing the photos, but I HATED having to be so strict and hard on myself and refused to DIET and STARVE my body to prep for them.

    • I wanted to be happy
    • I wanted to be beautiful
    • I wanted to enjoy food again
    • I wanted to be slim and fit

    Then it hit me….I wanted to be Authentic…I wanted to be Beautiful….and I wanted to be Strong. I wanted ABS!

    What did that mean for me?

    It meant things had to change…I had to create my own path and find a way to have ABS without drinking protein shakes and cardboard bars every day!    


    So I researched, experimented, flavor tested, traveled across the country (literally) to find the best of the best ingredients to create the ABS Protein Pancake line that has under 8 net carbs for an entire stack of 4 pancakes and 24g of protein per serving to replace those chalky protein shakes and chewy protein bars allowing you to enjoy this delicious Southern Comfort Food (because I am Southern) while working on your ABS and sticking to your nutrition!

    So, what will you find in ABS Pancakes?



    All Natural Ingredients that are Gluten Free        




    Non GMO, Low Carb, High Protein and AMAZING TASTE!




    High Protein & Low Carb





    Here’s the Truth!


    ABS Pancakes is A Custom Blend of NON GMO Proteins with the Highest Quality of Taste (Yes, this was costly and yes, it is worth it to me because your health is important!) consisting of all-natural Casein (A natural protein with a slow absorption rate to fuel your muscles and your body over a long period of time), Whey Protein Isolates and Milk Proteins that are simply the purest form of whey protein you can get.

    ALL Natural Flavorings in every single flavor of ABS Pancakes like Stevia from the natural stevia leaf, botanical extracts (yes, straight from mother earth), natural cinnamon flavor, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla extract, and Tapioca.

    Some of these ingredients also include things like:

    Soy & Sunflower Lecithin Sunflower lecithin has a favorable phospholipid profile which Phosphatidylcholine (PC) helps to process fats and to support cell membranes

    Coconut Flour which is simply made from dried, defatted coconut meat, coconut flour is high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates and Gluten Free.

    The brand behind ABS starts with Authenticity so with everything with the ABS brand on it you can guarantee is Original, Natural, and Honest.

    The slogan “I got my ABS eating Pancakes” is a true story…



    I ate ABS Protein Pancakes every morning actually and YOU CAN TOO because of the Natural, Gluten Free, Non GMO ingredients found in the ABS Pancake mix!

    Because I found my ABS- Authentic Beauty & Strength and a nice flat stomach while eating pancakes

    I decided to start a brand to help others who may be or have been in the same situation as me…

      • Who want to be Toned and Fit
      • Who want ABS
      • Who want that FIT physique
  • Who want to eat things like Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll, and Cake every day GUILT FREE
  • BUT DON’T WANT TO DIET with Protein Shakes and Bars…

    With the ABS brand you are getting more than just a delicious Protein Pancake line…(and soon to be more delicious and healthy things)….You are getting a brand you can trust whose mission is to help you live a healthier life and to help you embrace your own ABS that includes Pancakes!

    I already know what you are thinking….If it’s that healthy it must taste awful and have the same texture as cardboard…

    That’s the best part!

    Because I have such a love for pancakes I refused to sacrifice tastes in creating this ABS Pancake line and did over a dozen tests to get the flavors and consistency just right to make sure that you get nutrition and FLUFFY DELICIOUS PANCAKES in all 3 Flavors!

    PLUS! I figured I would make it even better and instead of just the plain ole’ buttermilk that is full of all those awful chemicals we talked about early, I took it a step further to create flavors like: Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Cake Batter & Cinnamon Swirl!

    I wanted to make sure you would get the best tasting pancake mixes on the market and one of the ONLY pancake mixes that are certified gluten free, high protein, low carb and all natural!

    Every Flavor of ABS Protein Pancakes delivers:

  • 4 Fluffy Pancakes
  • Under 8 Net Carbs!
  • 24g + Natural Protein
  • Under 4g Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • All Natural
  • And if for some reason you do not like the flavors (although we think you will), you are worry and risk free with our 1 year 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee, so there's nothing to lose apart from the fat storing ingredients and guilt you get from eating other store bought brands of pancake mixes.

    Here are just a few of the hundreds of people who have tried the ABS Pancakes to give you their input

    "I was very shocked at how absolutely delicious these protein pancakes were. I purchased the birthday cake flavor, not knowing what to expect. After following a very simple prep to making these pancakes, I added some gluten free sugar free syrup on top. I was hooked after my first bite. The taste was sensational. I was very satisfied and surprisingly stuffed afterwards. You must try these. I would recommend them to anyone"

    -Na’Iyma Thompson Bikini Competitor


    I recently purchased the vanilla cake batter pancake mix, and I love it! It is simply delicious. I top them with the sugar free syrup, and stevia. I have a big sweet tooth in the evening. So, I have been eating these as my last meal. It not only satisfies the craving but it's so good I feel like I'm cheating. It is a must have! You won't be disappointed! Blessings, Debra- Tampa, FL


    I decided to try this particular protein pancake mix due to my sensitivity to gluten and various whey proteins that often left me feeling sick after consuming them. Not only do these flavors taste good and not make me feel ill but the pancakes are super simple to make! The price is comparable if not less than what you'd pay normally for certain brands of protein from a health food store. I highly recommend this mix to anyone who enjoys delicious, healthy pancakes as well as those who may suffer from similar ingredient sensitivities.

    Rebekah Rojas- Tampa, FL

    Before buying the ABS pancake mix I was always trying to create my own pancakes, but they never had a good consistency and always ended up having way too many carbohydrates and too much sugar for my diet. I bought Ashley's pancake mix and loved it!! I make them almost every morning or whenever I have a sweet tooth and need to kill my cravings. They have almost no sugar in them and are very filling. I will continue to purchase the mix and would recommend it to everyone!

    -Alexandra Houston U.S. Army


    Hi! I received your ABS Pancakes yesterday! Thank you so much for sending them! I just made the vanilla cake batter! YUM! I love that the texture is actually like a "real" pancake!

    -Tawny Clark Health and Fitness Expert





















    Like I said, I spent countless hours researching and making sure others (like you and like me) had a solution and no longer had to settle with just some Chalky Protein Powder, Protein bar or only getting to enjoy your favorite foods on cheat days because there was no other option. I made sure there was a solution!

    As with the ABS Pancakes, and with any product with the ABS name, you are building a relationship with a brand whose mission is to help you live a healthier and happier life with quality ingredients you can trust.

    To secure your order of ABS Protein Pancakes, simply select your favorite flavor of Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Cake Batter OR Cinnamon Swirl along with your money-saving package below the video image on this page and then click Add to Cart. Embrace your ABS.


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    P.S. Here are just a few of the amazing recipes you can make with any of the ABS Pancake Flavors

    Blueberry Vanilla Cake                


    Chocolate Brownie Delight            

    Chocolate Chip Drizzled with Fudge  

    Bacon Egg-Cheese Pancake Sandwich

    By the way, with every purchase of ABS Protein Pancakes you will get a Free Copy of the 20 Most Popular ABS Pancake Recipes.

    Go ahead and select your flavor of ABS Pancakes and click Add to Cart to start enjoying your pancakes every day!