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Become an ABS Protein Pancakes Affiliate

Want to Join our ABS Ambassador Program? 


We know you work hard and we want to help make you hit your fitness and nutrition goals while also making a little extra cash by being part of our ABS Ambassador program!  


We select people that actually use our products and represent the ABS values because that's what being sponsored is all about-representing a brand you already love and are part of. The ABS brand is about Authenticity so we would never approve an Ambassador who doesn't already enjoy our protein pancakes and waffles as part of their own nutrition program. 

We choose our Ambassadors from people who help make the ABS Protein Pancakes brand what it is - a community of real people that genuinely care about helping other people get results.  

How to Join our Ambassador Program:

1. Head to and create your affiliate account. 

2. Check your email (and your junk folders) and mark as safe with detailed instructions of our ambassador program. 

3. Simply take your custom Ambassador url (this will be in your dashboard once you register) and share any of our recipes and products with clients, friends, & family directing them to your custom affiliate url and you will receive 15% commission on every sale that comes from you!

4. Last but not least, we believe in community and support so the more we see you posting and tagging us, the more we would love to reshare those post and support you so be sure when you use your ABS Protein Pancakes as an affiliate to tag us every time you share the love! 

You can click below to be taken directly to our affiliate form or head to .