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The ABS Strong, Fit & Lean Program

A specific 4-week program designed to help you lose weight, build lean muscle, increase your energy and boost confidence, the ABS program has an aspect to it that’s particularly unique…

It takes traditional strength training and combines it with metabolic conditioning (the idea that maximum effort in the least amount of time produces the best results), to not only get you stronger and leaner, but condition you to move and feel like an actual athlete! Sound great?

Here’s more on why is this program is so awesome:

  • 30 Days of Metabolic Conditioning Workouts (Each Workout is Under 30 minutes so you get maximum results with just a short amount of time)
  • All you need is a pair of dumbbells and basic equipment 
  • Full Substitution and Modification list so whether you’re a beginner or advanced this program is adjustable to your fitness level
  • No Gym Membership Needed
  • Over 20 Different Workouts to help you get strong & fit so you never get bored doing the same workouts
  • Structured for BOTH men and women with the different weights for each outlined in the program
  • Access to Full Video Library With Demo Videos of Each Exercise