Beginners Guide to Weight Loss

A perfect place to start if you're just setting out on your mission to lose weight. This ebook features meal plans and strength training to help you being to shed the pounds and stay toned.

Are you just stepping outside of your comfort zone wanting to learn more about strength training for women?

Are you ready to finally lose weight, but don't really know anything about nutrition?

This simple step by step program is perfect for you then!

  • Every workout is created with minimal equipment so you can get started with just a pair of dumbbells and household items to be able to workout in your own home as you begin your strength training and weight loss journey
  • The meal plan is simple to follow and includes substitutions you may use in case there is a food you want to switch out.
  • You can use this program for life meaning that these workouts are simple for a beginner but are still beneficial for anyone fitness level to accomplish a great workout with minimal equipment.
  • You have access to all of the materials for life and also have full access to all of our recipes, workout tips and mindset tips.

We created this program for those who want to know How to incorporate the ABS Protein Pancakes into their daily nutrition with easy to follow meal planning AND also want the tools to sculpt and tone their entire body with a simple beginner's workout program.

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