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A Holistic, 3-Phase Program To Help You Naturally
Overcome Those Frustrating Hormonal Imbalance Issues

…like PMS, Anxiety, Bloat, Brain Fog, Emotional Mood Swings, Acne, Disrupted Sleep, Weight Gain and other female
issues caused by Hormonal Imbalances…All Without Pills, Drugs, Extreme Dieting or Feeling Deprived.

10K+ Abs Product
100+ Women's Bodies

Hi, my name is Ashley and I once suffered from the sort of hormonal related concerns you might be going through right now. And I experienced the worst of it all…the distressing symptoms, the emotional rollercoasters, the sinking feeling you’ve lost total control of your body and your life.

Sound familiar?

If you said yes, then this probably will too…

When I was in my early 20s (like most girls) I started birth control because I was simply taught that was what you do at that age for “dealing” with female problems. But…I didn’t like the way it made me feel PLUS I just didn’t like the idea of putting something synthetic in my body which had such control over me. (I’m gonna guess you’ve felt this way too!) So I did what was the obvious thing for me…I got off birth control.

And sure enough…about 6 months later (once my body returned to its regular cycle), I suffered a slew of hormonal issues such as recurring UTIs, yeast infections, severe anxiety (like clockwork about 10 days before my cycle), intense mood swings, severe cramping, bloating, disrupted sleep, brain fog, and worst of all…a complete feeling of helplessness. So it was back to the doctor.

Want to guess what happened next?

If you said I’d be told ‘it’s a hormonal problem’ and the only solution was birth control (although going on a cream or hormone replacement therapy were also offered as possibilities), you’d be right!

Now I wasn’t about to go backwards by taking drugs (whether it be birth control or any other unnatural “solution”), so I decided to continue just “dealing” with my issues. This went on for years. And yes, I was miserable (not a great time when you feel like you have to endlessly schedule your life around your cycle).

Now I'll ask ya one more this all sounding familiar?

Because if you’ve read this far, I’ll bet it does.

But what happened next is the REAL REASON you should be here…

Because it was at this point I had a conversation which would completely change my life. You see, I’d hit a tipping point which involved getting slammed with the worst UTI of my life. This, of course, made no sense to me because I was doing everything the same as I’d always had – absolutely nothing was different.

And yet…this time I did NOT go to the doctor because I didn’t want to get put on an antibiotic.


Because while the antibiotic might take care of the UTI it then creates a yeast infection which leads to the next antibiotic which then creates the next problem, and so on and so on…So I was stuck about what to do next.

BUT THEN I got hit by a bit of inspiration…

I contacted a friend involved with Naturopathy and told her what was going on with me. And through her insight, I discovered I had something called Intercystitis, which is basically a urinary tract condition which makes your bladder feel like it’s on fire every time you eat or drink anything. This led me back to the doctor, where after running urine tests and pelvic exams he told me…there was nothing wrong! Even more infuriating my doctor said it was mostly in my head.

And that was the last straw.

If the conventional medical industry couldn’t help me, I’d figure things out myself. So I began to do my own research. And by using my own body as an experiment along with talking to my Naturopath friend to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid, I started to learn the truth. The truth about what was happening to me. How to effectively and naturally treat it. And how to heal myself to feel better than ever.

Which – after 10 YEARS of studying, learning and research – is what I’d now love to share, and hopefully heal you with too. And that’s why I’m so excited to be introducing my new women’s only coaching program!

Phoenix Rising 

With Phoenix Rising, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about alleviating hormonal conditions and created a HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE-BASED SYSTEM – one specifically designed to help women naturally overcome their problems.

Phoenix Rising Is A Whole System Cleanse

And over the course of 90 DAYS, this cleansing process will rebalance your hormones to help you look and feel like YOU again. In fact, you’ll discover that you are NOT at the mercy of your hormones, but rather… you have far more control over your mind and body than you ever realized!

And you’ll do so NATURALLY, without pills, dieting or ever feeling deprived.

Join Now

During this 3-month program, I'll show you… 


Specifically how to train your mind so you can better understand why you get hit by 'uncontrollable' cravings' (and how to subdue those cravings), how you can stay relaxed and focused during your lifestyle transformation, and how to use mindset to naturally help keep cortisol levels low and alleviate the anxiety the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can create.


Each body is unique, and here you'll develop internal balance by learning exactly what your body needs with regards to daily food intake, workouts, rest and recovery.


Detox your body and life to strengthen your internal systems and help ward off the biological factors which contribute to hormonal imbalance so you can return to your true self!

Here's what you'll experience when you enroll into the Phoenix Rising Program:

  • 12 weekly coaching videos (that's 1 video per week)
  • 3 months of metabolism boosting workouts with crystal-clear demo videos of the exercises (you're   going to know EXACTLY how to perform each exercise to best boost your metabolism to help you get stronger, fitter and healthier)
  • A total of over 100 workouts so you'll never do the same workout twice and will ALWAYS continue to make progress
  • All-inclusive nutrition & meal planning - options are THE KEY to sticking to a healthy lifestyle, and my nutritional plans give you at least 5 options for each of your meals (this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and...DESSERT!)
  • Female Nutrition Education - I'm going to show you all about the best foods to help nourish and fuel optimal hormonal health, adrenal health, sleep, mood, and mental clarity (yes, your food does impact everything and in order to stay hormonally balanced there are specific things the female body needs)
  • The ONLY grocery list you'll ever need (thanks to this list you'll never have to stare at the shelves wondering what to do next)
  • Your Plan B substitution list - this is a breakdown of all the food that fit each nutrient category (protein, carbs, fats, veggies, etc.), so if you don't like the option I have in your nutrition guide, you can easily swap it out for something you do like!
  • 3 months of Daily Mindset Coaching (it all starts upstairs, and the training we incorporate to empower your mind is what makes everything else in the program click AND forever change your life)
  • Exclusive Access to the Private ABS facebook group - here you'll connect with myself and like-minded others who are also experiencing the Phoenix Rising journey (support is a huge part of a life-change and you'll get plenty of it here)
  • Lifetime Access to all of the materials in this program so you always have them as a resource
  • Access to my Own Personal Video Blogs as I put myself through this Transformation Cleanse so you can see my own journey, how I did it, the good days and the bad days, and also why I am so passionate about helping you on your journey because I know that it works!

My Promise To You:

IF you are willing to put your mind, body and soul into our coaching relationship (this means total commitment and following me and my team’s guidance to a “T”)….you WILL develop a HEALTHIER, STRONGER, BALANCED mind and body to help balance your hormones, alleviate symptoms, and best of all… ‘reset‘ yourself to look and feel better than you have in years.

And once again, all without prescription pills/drugs, fad dieting, or eating boring diet food. In fact, during the course of the program, you’ll discover delicious, healthy recipes to enjoy forever.

Plus, 1 more thing…

You’ll do it all with a Salt-Of-The-Earth Gal who’s just a nerd about helping people tap into their Mind, Body and Soul to maximize their Own Potential.

Now, What This Program Is Not...

  • A quick fix
  • A magic pill 
  • A program for those looking to burn a few quick lbs over the weekend 
  • Not about Fasting, Dieting, or Depriving Yourself 
  • A diet 
  • A calorie counter program 
  • One of those crazy Juice or 36 hour Cleanses 
  • A Hormone Replacement Program (I’ll teach you how to work with your hormones instead of replacing them) 

Start Your Transformation Today 

Here's How Phoenix Rising Works:

This is a 3-PHASE SYSTEM – one designed to take your body through three different phases of cleansing/detoxing to help you restore your body’s natural hormonal balance.

Phase 1:

The first 30 days will be an introduction in your body's system as a whole. Here you'll gain an education on how your food, your workouts, your mindset, and supplementation all work together like a well-oiled machine.

This will connect you to "Why" you are doing this program. And the "Why" is the key to sticking to any lifestyle change.

During this phase we will detox your body by cutting out processed foods, sugar and other things which keep our metabolism and our hormones from working at its best. This is also where you'll incorporate your new metabolic workouts into your weekly routine to help continuously sweat out toxins and build lean muscle.

FINALLY, this phase will be an intro to your mindset training. Because it's one thing to know how to workout and eat, but if you don't do anything about reprogramming and training your mindset to understand WHY you do what you do (like why every time you're stressed you go straight for the sugar and carbs), then you'll NEVER enjoy a long-lasting change... and that’s what this is all about. Simply put...this mindset intro is the catalyst to transforming your life.

Phase 2:

During this second month, we dive a little deeper. Yep, now that your body has built up some resistance to the new workout regimen, it's time to step up the intensity of your workouts. This means that while we'll continue to clean up your nutrition and further incorporate a holistic approach to your food (we're talking about introducing more delicious natural foods to fuel your body and your brain while even cleaning up your home environment of products and things you use every day you probably didn’t even know were affecting your health),...we'll also go even deeper.

How so? Well, by incorporating more daily mindset training into your program, we'll further uncover your mental blocks and obstacles which have held you back in the past. These "hidden" blocks and obstacles are the very things which have kept you from becoming the strongest and healthiest version of yourself.

So to sum it up...the goal of phase 2 is a deep physical, mental, and nutritional cleanse. One which provides you the life-changing foundation to thrive in.

Phase 3:

Now up until this point, you've been doing a lot of cleaning out and detoxing. But here's the part where all these awesome new fitness, nutrition and mindset tools you've been learning and incorporating over the last 60 days will be solidified into your new lifestyle!

In other words…What we do here will help integrate a complete healthy lifestyle which helps your hormones stay balanced while forever empowering you with a stronger, fitter, happier life. Because at this point...Your nutrition is now working WITH your body instead of against it. Your metabolism and hormones are now all functioning smoother and better (this means more energy, better sleep, better gut health, and greater peace-of-mind and mental clarity). And perhaps most importantly, your mindset is now truly focused and motivated because you not only have a deep connection to why this new lifestyle is so critical to living your best life, but you also have a deeper understanding of yourself.

In this final phase, we'll show you:

  • How to stick to your guns (aka your nutrition) even if you're out to dinner or a social event!
  • How to combine your metabolic workouts with awesome strength training to continue to build and maintain a strong & fit body even when you DON'T have your regular gym or equipment
  • How to consistently keep your mindset strong and focused (life's always going to throw its bumps at you, we'll show you how to shrug off the tough spots so you always stay true to your new lifestyle path!)

What to Know More?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help
you with any concerns you may have.

Now... let's talk about the super-fit elephant in the room...the cost.

Or more accurately…YOUR INVESTMENT in reducing aggravating hormonal imbalances so you can live a serene, healthier and happier life. Here’s how it works…When you enroll in Phoenix Rising, you’ll gain immediate access to everything in our entire 90-day month coaching program for

3 payments of $350/month or a 1x payment up-front at a discount for $997.

Yes, a thousand bucks isn’t nickels and dimes, but I’ll tell you right now…it’s utterly insignificant compared to the physical and mental wealth you’ll gain by finally freeing yourself from the ‘prison’ of hormonal imbalance symptoms. And it can all begin now.

Ready to become part of something special?

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