ABS Pancakes Recipe Book

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* High Protein

* Gluten Free

* Low Carb

* Easy and Simple

* All Natural

* Low Sugar

* Non GMO's

* 20 Delicious Recipes

Can you imagine having some of the most amazing protein pancake recipes available to you in one book that are all right on track with your meal plan?

Need some post workout protein recipes?

How about some low carb recipes?

Do you have an All Natural Meal Plan?

How about a Gluten Free Diet?

Are you looking for healthy breakfast recipes and tired of protein shakes?

How about a pre-bedtime protein meal that is low carb but still delicious?

Then look no further than our ABS Protein Pancake Recipe Book!

On top of that, having the ABS Protein Pancake mix in flavors like Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Swirl and Vanilla Cake Batter incorporated into each one so all you have to do is scoop, mix and pour into these amazing protein pancake recipes?

Each recipe (and ABS Pancake flavor) delivers 3-4 protein pancakes per serving:

  • 24g+ Protein
  • Under 8g Net Carbs
  • Less than 300 Calories
  • Custom Blend of Protein Recipe (Casein, Whey Isolate and Milk Proteins)
  • Under 5g Sugar
  • Non GMO's

In this ABS Protein Pancake Recipe Book here are just a few of the Healthy Protein Recipes you will find: