ABS Transformation

Do you ever feel like you are ALWAYS trying to lose weight and you simply just want to be able to get to your Dream body and Keep It!?

Maybe you just broke up with your significant other and you are going to show them they made a mistake and what they are missing by getting a gorgeous, fit, body…right?

You see a new diet, a new pill, or shake with beautiful people on the label and decide that maybe this will be your answer, your relief. There seems to be this lingering unhappiness inside of you so naturally you think that if you could just lose 20lbs or drop down to that "perfect" size then….THEN you would be happy.

You commit to the new program, dive right in and you drop weight within the first week. You are drinking all kinds of shakes and juices just exhausting yourself in workouts to where you have no time or energy to do anything else in your life.

Maybe you struggle with anxiety and depression and it kills your self-esteem because you feel so vulnerable and uncomfortable in your own skin majority of the time so your resolution is to lose weight, get in shape and then your confidence would go up and the anxiety and depression would disappear!

Or, maybe you are SINGLE and feeling completely lost with no direction in what you want out of life and have no idea what career to choose, where to live, how to pay rent, but you do know that if you looked good and got an awesome body then you could just find a partner to take care of you and live happily ever after so you live the majority of your life in search of someone who will fall in love with you ….your “ONE”.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You do exactly what you are supposed to do:

Honestly, I get it…every single scenario I get. Your goals are dead on and you know that you want to be thin, beautiful, sexy, and fit, but you are so tired of not seeing results and you refuse to try another shake diet that leaves you cranky and starving all day.

How do I know this?

I was that girl.

I was right where you are right now. I have been divorced and in abusive relationships that killed my self-esteem leaving me to think that I was not pretty enough, skinny enough, or good enough.

I was also that girl who struggled with anxiety and panic attacks in my early 20’s trying to figure out who I was and where I fit in this world…

And! I was that girl who was convinced maybe I just was meant to be a wife and mom so I just need to look “good enough” to find Mr. Man who would sweep me off my feet and make life perfect so I did everything I could to get my body “good enough”.

I just wanted abs!

Why was it so hard to see abs and have that fitness model body that so many other women had yet I felt like I was on the road that had no destination? I finally just got to a point where I gave up and decided that it was my genetics and blamed my body on my family genetics and there was nothing I could do about it. However... the curiosity was still always present in my mind…

ABS: How do you get them?

What magic pill can you take to get abs?

What crash diet can you do to get ABS?

How many hours should you work out each day to get ABS like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Wilkins or the girl on last month’s issue of Shape?

Well, through my struggles, my failing attempts, my anxiety, and divorce…..my strong willed mind came out one day and I decidedScrew it! I am going to figure this out! All these other women somehow know something that I do not know about losing weight, fitness, and getting abs and damn it I want to know!”

I went through double certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, began studying everything I could about the body, nutrition, exercise, the psychology behind it all and began my career in the fitness industry. Long story short, after years of training and working with clients, trying out new regimens and being asked every single day the same question that I always asked others… “How do I get abs?”….

Here is the truth I have to tell you:

Guess what…you already have ABS!

We all do actually, it is just a matter of revealing yours. The years I have spent as a health and fitness expert, I have tried every supplement, every diet, and every workout routine possible trying to find mine and none of them worked.

The only results I got were ones that left me tired, depressed and confused as to why I had so much trouble seeing my ABS when I saw girls all over the place with no problem showing theirs! (That’s what we do as girls.. we see what one girl has and immediately it makes us feel like less than or as if our bodies are not good enough)

                                Ironically though, in order to reveal your own ABS you have to:

Follow your own nutrition and workout regimen and not everyone else’s because your body is UNIQUE and CUSTOM MADE and it will take something authentic and original to reveal what is already inside of you.

For years, I always thought ABS were a physical goal to reach with

I never realized in my search for a six-pack of ABS I would find a deeper kind of ABS that revealed my own Authentic Beauty and Strength.

Health and Fitness is an inside out journey. What does that mean, Ashley?

Well, What you put in your body will be reflected on the outside and vice versa-what you do to your body on the outside (like starve, abuse, over work, lack of rest, comparison, etc.) you will feel on the inside in the form of anxiety, sadness, discontent, and depression. The beautiful thing about your body is that it already knows exactly what you need in order to function at its best.

Are you ready for this?!

You already have amazing ABS in your Authentic, Beautiful, Strong body that will show up the moment you begin to love, accept and respect yourself for who you are by utilizing proper Nutrition, Strength Training, and Self Awareness (aka your thoughts).

 **Your body is a strong place that houses your soul so it NEEDS Strength Training every week.

**Your body needs proper nutrition to function at its best so feed it 4-5x per day with each meal containing a lean protein (chicken breast, Greek yogurt, fish, turkey breast, clean protein powders), lots of green veggies (kale, spinach, broccoli, peppers, asparagus), healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados, nut butters) and lots of water!

Through working with so many women and seeing that we ALL have been right where you are and struggle with the same things, I decided I wanted to help!

I understand how to: truly Lose Weight and KEEP IT OFF, Tone Your Body and...Reveal Your ABS!

When I talked to other women about this, I was SHOCKED to find out that they did not know:Strength training actually

Strength training actually

...because before I discovered my own ABS I thought (like most women) strength training would make you look masculine and bulky, but it does the opposite!

I also was SHOCKED to find out most women only ate 2-3 meals a day and barely met 1,000 calories and didn't know:

**your metabolism speeds up when you feed it every 2.5-3 hours with the right macronutrients (complex carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats, veggies, and fruits)!

The biggest thing that surprised me was how few women knew that health and fitness was an inside out approach. They had no idea that by taking care of your mind, thoughts, soul and training them the same way you train your body would lead you to revealing your ABS along with a happier and healthier outlook on life.

I decided that was it!

I want to free women from this fake idea of beauty and fitness and show them the truth that I found and has changed my life so I created the ABS Transformation Program.

I literally sat down and thought of every tool you would need to get through this 12 week total life transformation from the inside out and have structured the program so that you stay focused, motivated and on track the entire way!

Here are a few of my clients who have gone through the program who can show you that it truly changes your life:

Haley  - 22 years old changes your life:


 Jessica at Week 4- 27 years old:

Holly - Week 3 35 years old:Holly

 Husband and Wife Brian and Danielle- After Completing the 12 Week Transformation:






People just like you have completely changed their lives through the ABS 12 Week Transformation Program who were exactly where you are right now. They had tried everything and were convinced they would never get to true ABS and NOW their story has changed…and so will yours!

When I originally created this program, I offered it on a monthly basis at $250 per month for the 3 months total which came out to $750 for the ABS Transformation Program.

However, that was just for the workouts and nutrition with me coaching them in person on the mental strength training…. I saw a need though

The more people who went through the program and changed their lives the more people I wanted to help.

I know that $750 is not in most people’s budgets and I never wanted anyone to be discouraged and not getting the help they need because of that $750.

So I thought, what if I just structured the entire ABS Transformation Program into one package and put the mental training into the program that I usually do in person with clients then just created videos on how to perform each exercises to lower the cost of the program so more people are able to participate in it!

This is exactly what happened!

With the ABS Transformation I created….Here is what you will get:




Like I said, normally a package like this to work with me would cost you online $750 and in person well over $4,000.. BUT because I saw a need and wanted a way to reach more people I have structured this program so that I am able to offer it to you for Only $74

That is less than what one week with me would cost you and I am offering you the entire 12 Week ABS Transformation Program!


I know you’re thinking…Why?  How are you getting anything from this by discounting that so low?

Honestly, I want to help you. It inspires me, rewards, and touches me seeing lives transformed in such a positive way. In a way, helping you is also helping me! I have been in the industry for years and I know the amazing experience you will have and the results you will see so the discount is worth it to me!

For your discounted price of $74 you make one purchase that will completely change your life.

That I can guarantee! I am so confident that not only will you lose weight, get in shape, improve your self-esteem, and be stronger then you have with this program, but I also know your confidence and body image will be so much stronger as well that if after 30 days you do not feel like your life is different from the ABS Transformation program then I will give you a Full Refund no questions asked.

Simple as that. Now there is no risk to you…zero! Participate in the ABS Transformation.

Take that first step to transform your life! I have been where you are and I am on the other side now to help you find your ABS Inside and Out.


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