ABS Protein Pancakes & Baking Mixes

3 Pack ABS Protein Pancakes Trio- 1 of Each Flavor

Wish you could enjoy your favorite foods like pancakes, waffles, and baked goods every day while hitting your nutrition and daily protein goals?

That's exactly why ABS Protein Pancakes & Baking mix was created! With almost the same nutrition as a protein shake, you can enjoy a stack of 4 protein pancakes, golden delicious protein waffles or use our mix to make your favorite desserts like cookies, cheesecakes and brownies all while sticking to your nutrition!

Enjoy 1 of Each of our Delicious ABS Protein Pancakes & Baking Mix Flavors of Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Cake Batter & Cinnamon Roll! When you can't decide which flavor to get, simply order all 3 and enjoy the delicious food you love every day while hitting your nutrition and weight loss goals!

Each bag of the ABS Protein Pancakes & Waffle Mix makes 40 Pancakes (10 servings per bag). 

The Nutrition on All 3 ABS Flavors are:

 Under 200 Calories

Over 25g Protein

Under 8g Net Carbs

All Natural

Low Sugar

Gluten Free & Grain Free

Keto Friendly