Banana Split Protein Pancakes

There is nothing we love more than mixing some of our favorite items together with ABS Protein Pancakes to make a super yummy treat! Our friends over at Arctic Zero created this delicious recipe that we just can't get enough of!



To make this glorious stack of Banana Split Protein Pancakes, you'll need: 


  1. Use Chocolate Chip  ABS Protein Pancake  & Waffle Mix (For extra chocolatey goodness, add cocoa powder or melted dark chocolate to your batter).
  2. Cook up these pancakes as you normally would by following the directions on the packaging. 
  3. While your pancakes are still warm, top them with a few scoops of ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding, fresh strawberries and 1/2 a banana. 
  4. You could also drizzle your favorite chocolate sauce or melted dark chocolate (mixed with a touch of your favorite milk or milk alternative) on to your stack of protein pancakes. 
  5. We finished our stack off with a dollop of whipped vanilla yogurt and a few sprinkles!

Enjoying this while in PJs, surrounded by cozy blankets and pillows is the ultimate satisfaction... Go ahead, you deserve it! No judgments- Just a delicious meal that you can feel good about :-)

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