September 26, 2016


Fall Flavors

Fall Flavors

Fall Flavors 

By Maria England, NDTR - ABS Team Member

Happy Fall!! With the changing temperature means different produce is in season and different healthy treats! We often think of fall as the season where foods get heavier, especially after the months of summer full of fresh fruits, but there are plenty of refreshing and nourishing produce to pick out at the store!

As the seasons change, it is even more important that we remember to eat fresh fruits, to help get our vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Getting these nutrients will help increase your immune systems and help you stay in the gym all season long!

Cranberries are one of the best parts about fall because they bring a rich deep red and tartness to our favorite meals and desserts. They are perfect on salads, in ABS Pancakes, and in whole grain dishes, like quinoa. It is better to use fresh cranberries, because dried cranberries are often sweetened and can add a lot of sugar to your diet! Cranberries also have a compound called anthocyanin, which is known as an anticancer compound.

Pears are a great on the go snack or diced up and folded into ABS Pancakes. Pears are their best during the fall season, which is their true season and they ripen as they sit at room temperature. If you eat the whole pear it will provide 6g of fiber, which the recommended daily amount is 25-30g a day. Fiber can actually lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.  

Apples are one of the best-known fall fruits! With so many varieties it is almost impossible to choose. Some are sweeter, where others are tart, often times stores will provide descriptions of the different apples! They are of course perfect on their own or you can slice or dice them and toss them in with a green or grain salad! You can also top your ABS Pancakes with sautéed apples in a sugar free syrup, or dice them and fold them into your batter! Apples are known to keep the doctor away, because they are high in fiber, which helps reduce your risk of heart disease, but they are also rich in Vitamin C, which will help boost your immune system and keep you healthy during the fall season.

Pomegranates are another rich red fruit that adds a tart flavor to foods. Pomegranate seeds are great on their own, in salads, on ABS Pancakes, or in grain dishes. They are also high in Vitamin C, which means they will boost your immune system.

Even though we think of fall as a heavy comfort food time, there are plenty of fruits to help lighten up our meals! All of the fruits listed make great additions to whole grain salads and green salads. They also are great snacks and go perfect with ABS Pancakes. Now is the perfect time to enjoy these natural treats, when they are in peak season!

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