December 19, 2016


Eating Healthy Well Eating Out

Eating Healthy Well Eating Out
By Maria England, NDTR, ABS Team Member

It is that time of year again when eating out is the thing to do either because of busy schedules or friends and family gatherings. It can be hard to stay on a healthy diet and stick with goals well eating out but there are some ways to balance going out and having a healthy diet.

One of the best tips is to always plan ahead! If you know your day is going to busy and you might have to grab food on the run, look at your options. Most restaurants have menus and nutrition facts and restaurants with more than 25 stores are required to have nutrition facts, so check out the menus and nutrition facts before choosing the best option. 

Another tip is to make sure to sit down and eat. When you eat food to fast your stomach and brain do not have enough time to communicate that you are eating and becoming full. This will cause you to over eat or become hungry again shortly after. It is best to spend 20-30 minutes eating a meal to get the full satiety effect of eating.

Portions are also very large when you eat out, so don’t be afraid to share a meal or take left overs home for the next day. When picking out your meal, pick sides and starters that are lighter and are well balanced, such as half of your plate being vegetables and a quarter of it starches. It is also important to pick foods that are grilled, broiled, and steamed instead of items that are rich & creamy, smothered, breaded, and fried. This will help you to cut out calories from the start and pick healthier choices.

If you go out to eat with friends, see if anyone wants to walk with you before or after the meal to enjoy the area around you, and remember parking further away from the restaurant means you can get a little bit of exercise before and after the meal. You can also plan to have lighter meals during the day or healthier meals and snacks before going out to eat a heavier meal.

The best way to continue a healthy diet during the holidays and busy times of the year is to just plan. Planning will help you choose healthier options well eating out and plan your meal throughout the day too. Don’t forget if you need a healthy go to meal don’t forget ABS Pancakes which is low carb and fat and high in protein!

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