December 26, 2016


Creating New Year’s Resolutions

Creating New Year’s Resolutions

By Maria England, NDTR, ABS Team Member


It is that time of year when we all start crafting our New Year’s Resolutions. We often pick resolutions that involve a healthier lifestyle, from working out more to losing a few extra pounds especially after the holiday feasts! They are all great goals, but they often are not specific goals and can become frustrating because we feel like we will never obtain them!

One of the best ways to reduce the stress of a goal is to make smaller goals to lead up to larger ones. For example we can say that we want to lose 20 pounds over 6 months, but choose a smaller goal of 1/2 pound to 1 pound a week. This method helps us to recognize the small accomplishments, and when we do complete these smaller goals it can actually boost our confidence!

You also want to pick goals that are realistic, we often times jump all in and say we want to start working out 5 times a week, when we may currently only work out one time a week. It can become very overwhelming and when we aren’t able to accomplish this goal we might feel like giving up. Instead we should realize what we currently do towards the goal, so if we only go to the gym once a week, then we should start by saying twice a week for two weeks, and as we accomplish this goal we can steadily increase the amount we do.

It is also very helpful when goals are specific. They should have a time frame and an amount. A week at a time is very helpful and the amount we accomplish per wee is important. For example if you want to reduce an unhealthy eating happy, such as soda, which we might drink two times a day, we could start with reducing that to one a day for a week and then evaluating how we did at the end of the week. From there we can have one every other day.

Making positive goals is also essential. When goals are negative we tend to have a harder time completing them. For example we never want to say we can’t do something or we can only have so much of a certain food. It is better to reduce the amount we are consuming, such as saying that we will eat two candy bars a week, when we use to eat three per week.

Overall the goals should be realistic, specific, positive, and obtainable goals that lead to a larger goal. We should also only try to set 2-3 goals at the most a week, because more than that can be overwhelming. If we approach our goals in this way it will lead to more success in the New Year!!

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