March 02, 2017


Creating Healthy Habits

Creating Healthy Habits
By Maria England, NDTR, ABS Pancakes Team Member


Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? National Nutrition Month is focused on promoting nutrition and well-being and this years theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward”! The idea is that you have the simple tools to make small changes that become long lasting results!

When we talk about small changes it is simple things like adding a cup of fruit to your diet each day. These small nutritious changes add up and help you to create a healthier lifestyle!

One of the best ways to add these small changes is by making them a goal. A goal should always be positive, realistic, and you should be able to quantify it. A great example is if you are only walking once a week, your new goal could be to walk two times a week. Another great example is if you are trying to reduce a bad habit, such as drinking soda. If you were currently drinking three sodas a day, your goal would be to drink two sodas a day. After a week you would see how you did and the following week you could reduce it to one a day. You can also reward yourself at the end of the week to help keep you motivated. But remember to make your rewards non-food related, instead it could be by rewarding yourself with a new book or a new pair of sneakers.

Completing small goals helps to boost your confidence and makes you realize you can make these changes for a healthier lifestyle. You can keep building up these goals and continue to achieve your ultimate goals! Remember to pick only 2-3 goals at the most per week or you might get too overwhelmed and also make sure they are realistic for you!

Here are some great goal ideas for nutrition goals:

When working on goals it is important to have a great support system around you. When you start a goal see if someone in your family, at work, or a friend wants to join you. That way you can cheer each other on and check in on each other.

If your goal is fitness related it is great to have a partner to join you in your workout or walk with you. Also if you have kids having them join in is not only great exercise for everyone but it creates healthy habits for them.

Here are some great ways to add exercise to your daily routine!

All of these small goals will add up and create a healthier routine and habit. Before you know it you won’t even have to remind yourself to do it because it will already be part of your everyday routine!

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