April 02, 2015


Almond Butter topped ABS Cinnamon Protein Pancakes (Guilt Free)

Who doesn't like pancakes?! Imagine being able to eat pancakes every single day (at any time) BUT without gaining unwanted weight. Actually by eating these healthy protein pancakes, you will be more likely to LOSE unwanted fat!! Due to the high protein and natural ingredients, this stack of heaven will leave you full for hours without the feeling of bloat and misery.

This simple but tasty recipe was made with the ABS Cinnamon Roll flavor. To make, simply mix 1 rounded scoop of the pancakes with 1/3 cup of egg-white with 1/3 cup of almond milk and stir well. Then heat up your skillet and cook until it's nice and golden brown on both sides. Then just add 1 tbsp. of the healthiest almond butter you can find. Then lastly top with sugar free syrup and there you have this simple delicious stack of pancakes! :)

Make this your next breakfast (or dinner) and share with your family and friends!

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