March 31, 2015


ABS Banana, Apple, and Raspberry layered Pancakes!

Just take a look at that stack of protein pancakes! Now that's some layersss! 

Recipe from: @funkyfitnessfoods

This massive stack was made with the ABS Vanilla Cake batter pancakes! Start with cooking the pancakes by mixing 1 rounded scoop of the cake batter with 1/3 cup of egg-white with 1/3 cup of almond milk (or your milk of choice), stir well and cook until golden brown on both sides. Then layer the pancakes with fresh sliced bananas, apples, and raspberries like the picture above. Then add @carmanskitchen's chocolate bar, @buffbake's peanut butter, and then lastly drizzle with raspberry sauce! YUM!

Make this deliciously healthy stack of protein and fruit packed pancakes your next meal and share with your peeps! :D

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