March 09, 2015


Protein Carrot Pancake Donut Holes!!


OH Yeah!! These tasty carrot donut holes are healthy too believe it or not! Recipe from @cookeatlift

They are made with ABS Cinnamon Pancakes (1 rounded scoop of 1/3 cup of almond milk and 1/3 cup of egg-whites). After making the pancakes, let them cool a bit, crumble them up, then mix with @Youfreshnaturals carrot cake almond butter, zero-calorie sweetener, raisins, and coconut shreds. Then lastly dip them in sugar-free white chocolate from @Amberlynchocolates. :) If that doesn't make your mouth water then I don't what will!

Share this amazing recipe with your friends and family and get your ABS Cinnamon Pancakes today!

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