December 01, 2014


Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes (Guilt Free Seasonal Delight!)

Hey ABS family, we're bringing you this seasonal GUILT FREE delight to wrap up this thanksgiving! These pancakes are a perfect way to end the fall season, they are filled with pumpkin and topped with a chia cranberry sauce. Yum! :)

Recipe from: @mikibby 



1 Rounded scoop ABS Vanilla Cake Batter

1/3 Cup of liquid egg white

1/3 Cup of unsweetened Almond milk

1/3 Pumpkin paste (or desired amount)


Chia cranberry sauce

Handful of Walnuts


For this recipe you are actually cooking up 2 stacks of pancakes and layering them like you see in the picture. The first stack is made just with the ABS Vanilla Cake Batter, the 1/3 cup of liquid egg white, and the 1/3 cup of unsweetened almond milk. Be sure to stir until no clumps are left. Cook those pancakes until golden brown on each side. Now for the second stack you are going to replicate the first stack but add in the 1/3 cup of pumpkin paste before cooking. Now that you have the layers of pancakes, you are going to finish it with the chia cranberry sauce and the handful of walnuts. And there you have how to make this seasonal delight!:)

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