November 24, 2014


Stability Ball AB Blast Workout on ABS TV!

Today on ABS TV, we are going to take you through some awesome ab exercises to strengthen your Obliques, Upper Abdominal muscles, Lower Abdominal Muscles and your Lower Back by performing the AB exercises on a stability ball instead of regular flat service. The difference between performing these exercises on a flat service or a stability ball is that you are forcing your inner abdominal muscles (your stabilizers) to work harder then you would on the ground to stabilize you while performing the workout. You can also incorporate a stability ball into some of your regular strength training exercises for extra core work like performing a chest press or a shoulder press on a stability ball instead of a flat bench.


Here is a simple workout you can do anywhere while still getting a great workout in! Share this video with a friend and give it a try! Also, subscribe to our channel for more Recipes, Nutrition, and ABS Motivation!


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