October 12, 2014


ABS Pumpkin Protein Donuts

ABS Pumpkin Donuts!? Flushed faceThat's right check out this recipe using the ABS Protein Pancake mix from Instagram follower: @livingleanwitherin




1 Scoop ABS Vanilla Cake Batter Pancakes

Liquid Egg Whites

Almond Milk

Monk Fruit Sweetener

Canned Pumpkin

Crushed Pecans

Cinnamon Protein Powder (Or ABS Vanilla Cake with dash of Cinnamon)


Directions: Take 1 Scoop of ABS Vanilla Cake Batter Pancake Mix (link in bio to order) and mix with 3T canned pumpkin, 1/4tsp Cinnamon, 2 packets monk fruit sweetener, 3R almond milk, 3T liquid Egg whites. Spoon batter into 3 mini donut wells and bake at 350 for 9 minutes. Drizzle with 1.5T of @cellucor cinnamon swirl and 2-3T almond milk and crushed pecans! And you get ABS Pumpkin Donuts!

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