October 07, 2014


Dream Big and Live Big!

We love dreams and we love inspiring all of our readers and fans at ABS. Today, we thought we would give you something to remind you that you are awesome and can do live that dream that you keep buried deep inside of you.

You are familiar with the movie Aladdin….a young homeless boy stumbles across a golden lamp, gives it a few rubs and poof! Out pops the Genie who grants him three wishes of whatever he wants. “Your wish is my command!” We have watched this and other movies with wishes be granted, fairy godmothers, and all these different fictitious characters ultimately getting their fairytale life by simply asking and receiving and then think “Psch that would nice!”. As a child, we can watch these movies or Miracle on 34th Street and every part of us believes in Santa and that miracles can happen. Kids have an incredible sense of trust, imagination and faith. With Christmas season, I am absolutely in love with the lights, the trees, the music, and the whole holiday feel and I never really could figure out why this was, but now I truly believe it is because that little bit of faith and belief comes alive in each person (even the slightest bit) and people begin to unite in believing in miracles and all the wonderful things in life simply because of the season.

Usually, once January rolls around that feeling fades away and everyone goes back to normal just feeling like they must settle for the life they are so unhappy with and get back in routine of just taking people and opportunities for grant it. I guarantee if I came to you today and told you that for 3 days you get a genie and can have any 3 wishes you want granted you wouldn’t believe it was possible. On top of that, if I came to you and told you that life is meant to be lived in a way that all of our wishes be granted you would probably tell me I was crazy. However, regardless of what religion or spiritual standing you hold this is something that is taught across all belief systems. The Bible talks about faith as small as a mustard seed being able to move a mountain and “Ask and it shall be given…knock and the door will be opened”. In other belief systems you are taught to simply ask Buddha and if you believe it then you can create it. In the New Age world and in the Old Age world with theories such as the law of attraction and visual imagery the underlying theme is that if you place direct attention on what it is you desire in life then life immediately begins to make shifts in order to bring about your desires. How else do you think the creator of Aladdin came up with the idea and all of the other movies with wishes and fairytales being granted?

Visual imagery and the idea of the law of attraction that what you throw out there you will receive back is accurate. If I am throwing out love and generosity all day every day then I will receive in abundance of that in my life. The same is true about negative things as well. The things I think about all day long also will be brought into my reality simply because I am putting so much energy and attention into it letting life know that this is pretty important to me and things begin to happen to bring it forth. Here’s an example how you do this without even realizing it: Have you ever been thinking about someone or just finished talking about a person and all of a sudden you run into them at the grocery story or the phone suddenly rings and it’s that person? It’s because we are all connected and when you have mental energy that goes into a specific person, event or situation that you will bring that exact thing into your life.

The amazing thing is once you understand how this works and are aware that you are in control of your thoughts and creating a fulfilling life then you really do get as many wishes as you want. There’s no limit. The life you have no is nothing more than a reflection of a series of thoughts and beliefs you have had about yourself and about what you think life is supposed to be like on a daily basis. When you start to change those you will also see your life change to support your new beliefs and thoughts. I use this technique with all of my online weight loss clients. If they continually visualize and see themselves as a fat and overweight person then they will continue to act and live that way. However, if they choose to see themselves mentally as a different person and tell themselves how every day they are stronger, more fit, healthier, lighter, and happier then they will see their bodies transform to support those thoughts.

Man truly is what he thinks all day long. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings-they are there as tools to give you an amazing life.

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