October 07, 2014


6 Non AB Exercises for your 6 Pack of ABS!

You have probably heard that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Right? Of course you have or you wouldn't be here. Have you also heard that crunches, ab machines, and sit-ups are NOT the best exercises to do if you are trying to get a tight, flat, stomach?! Usually, people every day spend 20-30 minutes on stretch mats and ab machines doing countless sit-ups, crunches and all kinds of new crazy ab exercises thinking it will result in that awesome sleek stomach when really all you are doing is wasting your time!”.173241160

Your abdominal muscles are like every other muscles group on your body. You do not need to work them every single day just like you would not work your legs every single day. However, there are specific exercises that you can perform that work other muscles groups while actually being killer exercises for your abs. 

Most people don’t associate these exercises as part of a core workout, but throw them into your regular routine and you’ll be surprised at the way your mid-section slims down and tightens up!

 Here they are…the 6 BEST Non-AB EXERCISES FOR ABS:

1. Pull-ups- without a doubt one of the best ones you can do for your core! I have no idea why so many people skip these in their workouts, but if you are not currently performing pull-ups on a regular basis you are missing out. If you can’t perform body weight then start at on the assisted machine or with a band assisting you and do as many as you can!

2. Mountain Climbers- Yes that’s right…how could this not be a core workout when you are holding a plank position the entire time while USING your core to bring your knees in to your chest. Try out on the trx for even more of a challenge!

3. Kettle Bell Swings- These are a butt kicker that you will feel in your core, lower back, shoulders, hamstrings, and quads….plus it’s cardio too without having to get on a piece of cardio equipment so you get double points!

4. Burpees- We all love burpees I know, but do just 3 sets of 10 and try telling me you don’t feel your lungs and core along with every other muscle group burning! Again you are performing a plank, pushup, and squat jump all in one exercise that will trim and tighten that mid-section so start incorporating these bad boys regularly!

5. Ball Slams- A ball slam is simply getting a weighted ball (most gyms have them, not a medicine ball that bounces just one full of sand) and holding the ball overhead on your toes then using a power movement slamming the ball down on the ground squeezing your abs and using your arms/legs to add force as hard as you can. It’s like a standing weight crunch on steroids while burning out your upper and lower body!

6. Cable Chest Flies- It is not possible to do cable flies and not incorporate every part of your core into it…I did these yesterday and today my abs are what hurts the most! Pick a weight that you can perform 10-12 reps of and superset the flies with a set of plyometric pushups for more of an core and chest workout and your tummy will be nice and tight the next day too!

Try out these Non-Ab exercises and see if your abs are not sore if not MORE sore then your typical 20 minutes on the stretch mat doing crunches and let me know what you think!

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