October 07, 2014


Superset Muscle Madness Workout!

Did you know that when you perform a superset during a lifting session it burns more calories then doing steady state cardio for that same amount of time? Plus, it forces your body to active more stored glycogen to have the extra energy to lift the extra weight that you normally would not need during your rest time.


For example, when you do a shoulder press then rest for 45-60 seconds before performing the exercise again you are giving your body enough recover time so you can let some of the lactic acid settle and perform the same exercise again keeping your heart rate at a relatively low to moderate rate. However, if during that normal rest time you decide to perform a lifting exercise with a smaller muscle group such as your abs, biceps, triceps, calves you will burn more calories and train your body to use stored fat and glycogen. For these awesome reasons, we have created a superset workout for you to get you used to the superset process and to enjoy strength cardio (cardio you get from lifting heavy things instead of running on a treadmill...we might have made this term up, but it works!).

With this workout, the exercises that are grouped together are the ones that you will perform as a superset back to back with no rest. For example, perform all 15 repetitions of the barbell front squat then immediately perform all 15 repetitions of the inverted row without resting. Once you have completed all 3 sets of the superset you may rest for 60 seconds before moving on to the next superset group.


Barbell Front Squat 3x15

Inverted Row 3x15


Barbell Deadlift 3x15

Pull-ups 3x12-15


Upright Row 3x15

Push-ups 3x20


Dumbbell Bicep Curl 3x15

Overhead Tricep Extension 3x15


Walking Weighted Lunges 3x12 (each leg)

Bench Press 3x15


Once you have completed this entire workout you will have burned fat all over your body and gotten in your cardio and strength training with one process instead of spending 2 hours in the gym.

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