October 07, 2014


300 Workout-Burn Fat Fast and Build Lean Muscle!

We all love the warrior in 300 and the idea of looking lean and toned all over, but the question is can you handle the training that goes into a physique like that?

Well here at the ABS Family we believe in Authentic Beauty and Strength and the only way to find out how Strong you really are is to test yourself and push your limits and this 300 workout will do exactly that!

Male or Female it doesn't matter because this workout requires you to use either your own body weight or a weight that fits your fitness level so grab your significant other or workout buddy and do this 300 workout together!

What you will need:

Your Game Face

Squat Rack or Barbell

Pull Up Bar

Body Weight


The way this workout is performed is by completing one full set of each exercise before moving on to the next. You will only be performing 1 set of each of these exercises...yes, just 1! Once you finish the last exercise the workout is done.


Burpees 1 set of 50

Pull-Ups 1 set of 25

Dead Lifts 1 set of 50

Cleans 1 set of 50

Push press 1 set of 25

Bent Over Row 1 set of 25

Push ups 1 set of 50

Box Jumps 1 set of 25


300 Workout=300 Reps total. Once you finish the exercise throw it to the side and cross it off the list and keep moving! Can you handle the 300 Challenge? Share this workout on Facebook and challenge a friend to the workout to see who can get through it all first!


If you need help with how to perform any of these exercise head Here for a full exercise video library!



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