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Shopping For Gluten Free Ingredients

Shopping For Gluten Free Ingredients


Shopping For Gluten Free Ingredients

By Maria England

As gluten free diets become more common there has been an increase in recipes that are gluten free. We have to be careful though to make sure all the ingredients we are using are gluten free to really create a gluten free recipe. For example did you know that some oats do contain gluten?

Gluten free items have become more popular as people have started reducing the amount of gluten they are eating due to celiac disease, intolerances, allergies, or to create a healthier diet. This has made shopping for gluten free foods a lot easier but we still need to know what items are considered gluten free and those that contain gluten. Once you have a better idea of common gluten ingredients it is easier to find items that are good replacements or are certified gluten free, such as certified gluten free oats.

So what are foods that contain gluten? Wheat flour is the most common ingredient that contains gluten because it naturally contains gluten. Gluten is actually created when two proteins (glutenin and gliadin) combine with liquid and create gluten. Any items that contain wheat flour automatically have gluten in them. Substitutes for wheat flour and products are gluten free flour, nut flours, and products labeled gluten free. Oats is another ingredient you have to make sure is certified gluten free because many times when oats are processed, it is processed with wheat. If you have a gluten allergy, make sure to read labels closely and check to see if it has traces of gluten, because it is easy to create cross contamination in facilities.

There are foods that are commonly made with gluten, which includes baking powder, soy sauce, sauces, malt products, such as malt syrup, gravy, soups, deli meats, and beer. For these products you can find gluten free substitutions, such as gluten free baking powder. Usually in the same aisle or in a section dedicated to gluten free items you will find products that are not processed with gluten and will be labeled gluten free. When shopping just remember processed foods and mixes can easily contain gluten and it is best to read labels and look out for gluten ingredients like wheat, barley, and rye

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods when eating gluten free though; there are many products out there that are gluten free including ABS Pancakes, which does not contain gluten and is made with coconut flour. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @abs_proteinpancakes and Facebook ( for new recipes featuring ABS, including gluten free recipes!


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