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What Are Your Chakras? How to make the Mind & Body Connection for Overall Health!

February 23, 2021

What Are Your Chakras? How to make the Mind & Body Connection for Overall Health!

Welcome to the phoenix rising podcast into episode number five, you are about to hear all about your energetic body and your physical body. And yes, you do have to. Yes, everybody has them. And yes, they are equally important. But before I get into that I actually had this thought today, and this is kind of completely nothing to do with your energetic body and physical body. But I was working on updating an email template for my business and there's something called the email opt in. So basically, when you go to a new website, you're a first time visitor, it's that thing that pops up offering you either a free ebook, or it's offering you a discount code. So I was updating that and working on it to include this podcast so people can listen to it. And as I'm updating it, I had this thought I was like, man, don't you kind of wish that upon entering life for the first time, you got some sort of email, opt in download, like, "Hey, thank you so much for deciding to go on this journey of life, here's what you can expect: 90% of the time you're not gonna have a clue of what you're doing. So you might as well get really comfortable with just winging it. Also, there's no guarantee on anything and you have zero control over the things that happen outside of yourself. So learn to go within. And number three, if you have any questions, please ask yourself, we're working on our customer service department. But for right now the best place to go is back to you enjoy your ride and see at the end. Like at least if your life started out with that information, we all would be a little more at ease and have a little more peace of mind of like, Okay, cool. So, I mean, I'm pretty much going to be lost majority of my life. And this entire journey is just all about self discovery and losing myself again, and then discovering myself again. But that really, there's no right or wrong way to go. And yeah, it's just a ride. Anyways, just a little thought that I had to share that kind of lightened up life a little bit for me. So I hope it does for you too!


Today's topic, What are your charkas-defining the energetic body and your physical body. So the term energetic when I refer to this is also the same thing as your emotional body. In the spiritual world. This is considered your chakras. And what it is, is we have seven different energetic areas in our body that all represents significant things in our life. If that is a little too new age for you, it's okay just kind of stick with me because the more I describe it, you can put whatever titles or names on these things from an emotional perspective, so that it resonates with you. But basically, we have these seven different energetic bodies and the first energetic body we have.

Chakra number one is our root chakra. So this is represented by the color red is located at the base of our spine. And this really represents like our grounding our stability, our security in life and like just really feeling rooted in our purpose but also who we are and what we're doing here. The reason why I'm kind of explaining these things is because I'm going to tie all this together in how your energetic body and your physical body work hand in hand so that it can help you with your own life. With this root chakra number one, when everything is in balance, we feel calm, we feel at peace, we feel solid and stable and like I said we feel grounded. When it is out of balance. We tend to feel anxious, we feel scattered, we feel kind of all over the place and directionless There's also other things that can kind of start showing up in your physical health, maybe you start having low back problems, which is located around this similar area of the base of the spine where your root chakra is located, maybe all of a sudden, you're super drawn and attracted to the color red. And it just keeps grabbing your attention. This is kind of a significant way that your body and your energetic body try to communicate with you of like, Hey, you need to get grounded. And there's a lot of different ways you can do that, which I'll talk about later. But so that's Root Chakra, the chakra number one at the base of your spine, we then have the sacral chakra.

Chakra number two is your sacral chakra. This is located right below about the belly button, but also above the base of the spine, so kind of your pelvis region. This area is represented by the color orange. And this is the emotional energy, the shocker energy, when you're feeling creative, and inspired and passionate, and emotionally open. This is the part that opens up a lot. Now, if you have the opposite, you have an imbalance or you have a block you've closed yourself off emotionally, or maybe you are feeling a lack of inspiration or lack of passion. This is where you'll start to be drawn to the color orange. Or you may start to realize that you have a little bit of physical issues that manifest themselves in this area, which is where like your gut, your reproductive organs, urinary bowel movements, and try to think of everything this is where that would be located. So a lot of times men and women can do this differently. Women might start to have female issues in this region that show up that they're constantly trying to get relief from because they've kind of closed themselves off from passion, creativity and intimacy. And guys can have it show up as well. So that is chakra number two, we then move up right around the chest area, but a little bit below. So for women, this would be like right around like the base of your bra line. For guys, this would be like right at the base of your sternum.

Chakra 3 is located right above the belly button, but below your chest and it's represented by the color yellow. And this is your solar plexus. So this is all about having good self esteem. This is about your personal willpower, personal responsibility. Your assertiveness, this is like your power. And I mean, it makes sense. It's kind of like in the center of who you are. When this is out of balance, you tend to have issues with insecurities. And a lot of moments where you're getting triggered, you tend to try and control things out of these insecurities. Maybe you use a lot of things out of manipulation to try and get what you want. Or you have a misuse of your personal power. So those are imbalances and things that can come up as same thing like you can have you start having stomach issues, indigestion, maybe a loss of appetite, or over eating like a lot of these things are located where your gut is. And it's represented by yellow. So maybe you find that you're drawn more to the color yellow, or maybe you're just feeling the need to change up your diet. A lot of these things can stem from emotional energies.

Continuing to move up, we're now at chakra number four. So the fourth chakra is represented by the color green, and it is the heart chakra. And it is located in the center of your chest, rightfully so considering your heart is around that area. And this represents love. And I mean, that makes total sense. It's the heart but it's not just about romantic love. It's also about self love and about relationships. So if you start to feel either one, you're really pulled to the color green usually means maybe there's something with your heart chakra you need to open up. But if you're also experiencing things with tightness in your chest, maybe some anxiety, you're not able to breathe fully deeply. You're not really as disciplined and focused as normal. A lot of these things are representing to you imbalances that it's time for you to take care of yourself and different things with your mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, all these things, but it could also represent to you that you need to give more time and attention to your personal relationships as well. So that could represent an imbalance right around the heart area. So then we're moving up we're at number five, we've only got two more to go and I promise all this will come together and make sense.

Number five is the throat chakra, it is the color blue. So obviously your throat located at the center of your neck. This is about your ability to speak and communicate clearly and effectively. When this is out of balance, you can have a lot of isolation, you can be withdrawn. You can tend to lean towards arrogance or the other side where you're super shy. You could Be very drawn to the color blue because you're holding back instead of speaking your voice. This is also to and I mean part of what I'm talking about that we'll get into, if you tend to have recurring issues with your throat, like you lose your voice, or you get sore throat. So things related to that, this would all have the same thing of having to do with the throat chakra.

Moving up again, Chakra number six, the third eye, it is the color purple, and it is right in the center of the forehead, between your eyebrows. So this is all about your intuition, your vision, your openness, having an imagination, all of this comes from that third eye. If you are out of balance, maybe you're feeling drawn to the color purple. But another thing could be too that you're having an issue with a lack of clarity or a lack of direction, or you're having a hard time really seeing anything outside of a current situation that you're in physical representation of this could be that you're getting headaches all the time, right in that area between your eyes represents that you're having a little bit of a block based on this energy or emotion that needs to be paid attention to.

The last one, number seven, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head. The color of this is like a magenta, purple-ish color is how I always like to say it, it's really pretty. But this is all about your connection to your higher self. Based on what your spiritual beliefs are, this would be your connection to God, your connection to the universe, to source, it is where you get all of your intuitive information. So if it is out of balance, what can happen is you tend to feel disconnected from yourself or you feel what a lot of people say is they're like, I don't feel like I'm in the flow, I just feel kind of off. Or maybe you just are feeling really drawn to that color right now you can just feel disconnected. And I actually so I journal a lot. And in my journal one day I like started it with dear universe did our call get disconnected because I keep calling and I'm not getting an answer. And that's basically what this is, it's when you have a block in your crown chakra.

So all of these chakras are your energetic body, whether you believe in this or not, is not super important because it does exist. And from a much a much more conservative perspective of this, what I'm going to go into is more of relaying it as an emotional side and how it shows up in your physical body. every emotion in your body needs a physical expression of some form. So this is kind of the yin and the yang. This is how they work together and why I explained all those things. Some examples of this is when you feel happiness, and joy. Your body physically shows that through smiling through laughing, your body language changes physically, when you feel sadness and pain, you usually show that in the expression of tears. Love is shown through physical connection. Anger is shown usually through like physical explosion. But all of these things are your emotional body connecting to your physical body.

Now what happens is, a lot of times we tend to cut off our emotional body. And what I mean is perhaps you have a fear of feeling pain, or grief or sadness. Or maybe you have a fear of vulnerability and intimacy. So therefore you do not fully open yourself up to this. What happens when you don't allow something to come out that needs to come out, it has to go somewhere, and you end up manifesting it in your body in a different way through these different physical ailments that I've been talking about. So if you have resentment or anger, and you have not physically expressed that in some form, usually what happens is people end up manifesting different ailments or sicknesses. specifically around the heart area, they have heart problems, they have a lot of really bad restriction and their breathing or they have very high tension all the time. All of it is holding on to emotion. And a perfect example of this is when somebody is just incredibly angry, and has an extremely bad temper. And I mean, it's in movies and it's in real life plenty of times, what happens, they punch a wall, or they actually hit or abuse somebody because that physical energy has to come out somewhere. There's nowhere else for it to go. When we repress these things. This is where we start to experience imbalances and issues in our life. Another example of this and I saw this a lot when I was working one on one Personal Trainer years ago, is almost every single time somebody is going through a very hard period in their life. If it's grief, a loss, maybe it's a loss of a job or a loved one, some sort of very heavy emotional trauma that they do not fully allow themselves to feel or experience, it ends up turning into energy that is held on to in the physical form. So they put on a lot of weight, they kind of get sluggish in their career and in their relationships, they tend to also live in a very messy home life environment. Because all of this represents the same thing. It represents stagnant energy, that is not being felt and moved through. So the physical manifestation of it is it's held on to in their body. So this is super important. And part of the thing that I used to do when I was doing one on one personal training with people, and they'd sit down and they're like, I want to lose 20 pounds, 40 pounds, I want to get six pack abs, whatever it is, all of these are mask for something much deeper going on. And I would always ask, at what point in your life? Did you start to feel bad about yourself? Or did you start to notice that you were gaining weight, and really stopped taking care of yourself? And it starts off with some sort of date or timeline of like, Oh, well, when I went to college, or Oh, I just got really busy. You got to keep asking the questions. And I'm giving you these examples. So you can do this for yourself too. Okay, well, what what else was going on in your life during that time, what else and you keep asking, and eventually what would happen is we would get to the exact moment where pain or grief, or something was so much that it was too much to feel. So instead, they cut it off and held on to it in their bodies.

So the process of undoing this and unblocking energies is first recognizing what the emotion is, that's even there that you are refusing to feel, working through that emotion, whether that's through journaling, whether it's through therapy, whether it's through your own meditation, or mindfulness practice, and then giving yourself the physical expression of it. Say you have an emotional block, similar to what I was just talking about, say it's grief and sadness. You have to allow yourself to go down the journey of whatever the grief and sadness is that caused it to begin with, feel all of it, talk about it, talk about the experience with somebody that you feel safe with, feel every emotion that comes up around that resentment, anger, unresolved forgiveness, whatever it is, because what's going to happen is you're going to feel all of it. Normally what people say what happens every time after you have a good cry, you feel a little bit better. Once you do all of that you're giving the place of that energy exiting your body, but then I always tell people now move your body. moving your body is a way that you can transfer in channel emotional energy, so that it does not stay stuck. So with personal training, and I'm using this as an example, because a lot of the things everybody has similar problems in areas of life, it's usually health and fitness, love, career, and then money. I mean, obviously, like the details of that are all different for everybody. But for the most part, everybody's got the same main topics. So with this, I used to put people through like one to two sessions, quote, unquote, their personal training sessions were all we did was talk about what happened and I was there to give empathy and compassion because that is the healing ground for people moving through this. But then after that, we didn't just sit there and feel our feelings, we got up and moved, I would put them through workouts, I would help them channel that energy, use all that emotional energy that's been bottled up and put it in your workout and release it. This is the only way you can fully heal on both levels. And that's also why it's super important to understand where the different areas are in our body, that we hold this emotional energy so that you can check in and help yourself when you're feeling stuck in different areas. A huge part of this though, is really you establishing a relationship with yourself. But also having a relationship with your own body, your mental health and your physical health. And if you learn this, just like everything else we've been talking about, everything is connected, everything is an energy. When you learn to connect to that energy, you open up a relationship that can help you with a lot of different things instead of continuing to look outside of yourself to fix the problem, if you think of your body, so we're gonna flip to the physical side. Now, we'll go back and forth a little bit just to make sure you fully understand the way this works for yourself. If you think of the physical body, kind of like a pulley system, you could probably solve a lot of your own physical issues from a muscular standpoint. So normally if somebody is talking to me or I hear about somebody telling me like an issue with the front of their body or a certain side of their body. It's an imbalance and it represents an imbalance. Because one area is overworked, the other areas not worked enough. So therefore, the one that is overworked has no other option than to carry the weight for both areas. Perfect example. People who do bench press all the time, you bench press you do push ups, you do chest day, three days a week. Do you also do three days a week on back and pulling and putting your body back into alignment? And if not, do you tend to have shoulder and elbow problems? The body has a pulley system, what happens you're doing way more push and not enough pool. Therefore the way we balanced out is not through shoulder surgery and cortisone shots. We balanced it out by taking a break on pushing so much strengthening the part that is out of balance. And then we go back and we work out regularly in a way that is equally balanced with pushing and pulling. Same thing is true with people who have back problems a lot of the times and I mean, there's I'm not saying that there's not underlying issues that can be going on. But most things, the body is its own healing place. Most things have a very logical cause that is creating the effect if you play Sherlock Holmes on your own body.

So you tend to have a lot of back problems. Okay, well, are you sitting a lot so your hip flexors are very shortened and not spending enough time lengthening your hip flexors? Could that be it to where now your back is overextended. So then the solution to that is we do different mobility exercises that lengthen our hip flexors, and strengthen our lower back to pull us back into the right alignment in position. I mean, we could go on and on about this isn't your hamstring, your hamstring is probably overworked because your quads are not strong enough to hold it up. So your hamstring is working double time and is begging you to balance out the body. This is the way the body works. It doesn't just create problems, just for the sake of creating problems. And we could go into your belief system too. If you're like, well, it's old age well, the older you get, like the worse you feel, whatever, I don't believe that stuff. If you do that might be part of your issue, too, that you would have to work on as well. But this is the way the physical body works from a muscular standpoint, tying it into how the physical body works with your emotional energy, if you continue to have problems, and I mean health, muscular, whatever, that has no real clear explanation of why. So you keep getting headaches, but you keep going to the doctor and the doctors like look, we've been looking and there's nothing there like you're totally healthy. And you're like why do I keep getting headaches? Stop asking everybody else and start asking yourself, Is there something something happening in your sixth and seventh, that can't talk sixth and seventh chakra that you are repressing and not paying attention to that keeps giving you headaches. Remember, the sixth and the seventh is where your intuition your clear direct connection to the divine to you to the universe to God, whatever, to your higher vision, are you blocking something off there and therefore that energy is knocking in a physical expression. So it's creating headaches to try and get out what it wants you to pay attention to.

A lot of this stuff like if you start to pay attention, your body is always communicating to you and you always have the option. You can listen and you can adjust. Or you can ignore it until it comes screaming at you either in the physical form of an injury or serious illness or in the emotional form of your entire life just crumbles around you and you feel totally lost because you've been ignoring things. So every part of yourself is always sending you the messages to help you feel more whole and more balanced. But it requires you to establish a relationship and understand the communication that is going on.

To add to this even more, we have the right side of the body and we have the left side of the body. The right side of our body represents masculine energy and the left side represents feminine energy. Now this has nothing to do with gender. It's just the type of energy so think of your right side your masculine side as like your, your workhorse, your assertive self, your focus your to do list, get shit done moving through the world on a day to day basis. That's your masculine side. That is the "do-er" side. Your feminine side is the sign that's more about allowing and trusting and going with the flow and having a very easy, peaceful, playful attitude about life and allowing things To come to you and not pushing so hard. So we have these two parts of our energy as well. And I know this is a lot, but once you start understanding it, and then you look at your own life, you probably will find some connection. So a lot of times people who tend to be motivated, they're kind of lazy, they really don't have much determination or motivation, they tend to play the victim mindset. A lot of times, they will have many physical health issues that show up on the left side of the body. It can also go the other way, sometimes it shows up on the right side of the body, because they're not paying attention and using it. And this energy is like trying to come out of their body, vice versa. Here's another example. I know I have, I have one spot that I tend to hold energy, I either hold energy, or I give too much energy on my right side. So I have this right trap on the right side of my neck, that if I am blocking my own motivation, or I'm procrastinating, which, I mean, I typically get stuff done. That's not usually the problem. What sometimes can be the problem is if I'm too much in my head, thinking about things contemplating things, and I'm not actually out there, like putting it out into the world, I can start to experience a block in my right trap. And I know it, I know exactly what it is. And so instead of like, Oh my god, did I pull a muscle what's going on which exercise that I do? Normally, what I'll do is I'll sit with it, like, Alright, which side of the body body is it on? It's on my right side. Am I blocking anything? Yes, I've been sitting with this idea way too long, and it's trying to get out of my body, it's time for me to move forward with this instead of sitting around. The other part can also happen, where it's the flip side, say it was the left side of the body. So now I'm just like working, working, working and doing everything I can and I'm hustling and just not procrastinating at all. But see there was an imbalance on my left trap that would represent that I am way too far into my masculine of pushing and forcing and trying to control. And I need to balance it out with while I'm doing the work also trusting allowing sitting back and letting things come to me. So you can use this with different things. And like some of the common ailments people have the example I gave him the shoulder issue. Another example is knees, people have knee problems all the time, depending on which side it is, can tell you a lot just like the example that I gave. But even from a physical perspective, it can tell you a lot. If your knee hurts more on the right side of the body, typically, what you need to do is your IT band is too tight, because it's pulling on that right side of the knee, trying to keep it in alignment. Because the other side, the left side, which would be where your inner thighs or your hamstring is not strong enough to hold it. So your IT band on the right side locks up, the left side is too weak. Therefore you need to roll out the right IT band while you strengthen the hamstring. And then you put the body back in balance. Everything works this way.

So check in with yourself. Think of what's going on in your body. If there's anything that you're not feeling super good about and ask yourself, Is it right or left side? Okay, if it's the right side, let's think about the opposite. Am I not doing something on this side. And you can just play this game with yourself before you go running to a doctor who's probably just going to prescribe you something to treat a symptom but not actually treating the cause. There's a really great book by Louise Hay, I think it's called you can it's either you can heal yourself, or you can heal your life is something along those lines. But basically, it's an entire book talking about what she found in studying this stuff. That's almost to the tee what people experience on a regular basis across the board and what the cause is. So basically, like she found that people who tend to have throat problems, what basically the example that I gave always have issues with speaking their voice, they hold back, they don't communicate well, communication is poor in their life. They're repressing something that they need to say. So it's a really great book, very easy read. I definitely recommend that you check it out if you're very new to this, to go back to the two different sides, your right side and your left side. So your right side.

Another way that you can think of it is the right side is how you give energy into the world. It's how you put yourself out there you put everything into motion, how you show it for other people, your left side is how you receive energy. So think of the right as giving the left as receiving. One thing that does come up for a lot of people and I I won't dive too much into the emotional trauma that I've continued to talk about just because that's a podcast episode for another time. If you tend to always have issues on one side, so say you are somebody who is always giving and giving and giving, and over giving. And your right side is where you function from, you tend to be very independent, you're very driven, you're very self reliant, all these things. Number one, usually, over giving stems from you putting yourself in a position where if you keep giving and giving and giving, nobody is going to be giving to you, which sounds sad, but there's actually a reason behind why people do this. If nobody is giving to you, then you don't ever need anybody. Therefore, if you never need anybody, then you can't ever be hurt or in pain by needing somebody and them not being there. And this wears the mask of independent, I don't need anybody. I've done it, everybody's done it to some extent. So you over give you giving you giving you give, because you deep down don't really want to be given to and allowing yourself to emotionally open up to receiving it because you know, the pain of not having it. The opposite is also true...

Maybe you don't give it all maybe you just are a moocher who sits over there and just receives and takes and takes and takes which this would then stem from either a lack of self worth of you feeling like what you have to give is an A value. So you just continue to take and take and take and take. Or it comes from a place of lack of self worth of needing constant attention and to constantly be given to because deep down, you don't feel responsible for giving yourself the attention that you're desperately seeking from everybody else. So just to add a little bit more to the right and left. And I mean, this could be multiple podcast talks, I'm not trying to explain every single thing in this, the main thing that I want you to get out of this is understanding how the physical body and the energetic body, if you pay attention to it, they are constantly working hand in hand communicating with each other, and also communicating with you as a guide for your life.

All of this then brings up the question of how do we then stay in balance? And that's in balance, not imbalanced. Because we have our mindset that we're constantly working on, we have these energetic parts of ourselves that are always communicating with us on our emotional levels. And we have the physical body, this can seem like a lot at first, if you are not used to self awareness, checking in and having a relationship with yourself. So a mindset shift you have to make is kind of seeing this as if you were in a new relationship with somebody, you don't know their quirks, you don't know what lights them up and what sets them off, you don't know their communication style, their love language, you don't know any of this stuff. And you are going to have to show up and take the time to educate yourself on another person. So that you can learn that you can have a healthy relationship. This also goes the same for you if you've never done this or practice these things. This is how you establish an easy relationship where you'll get to the point that something flares up say like the description I gave of my right trap or my right shoulder. I've done the work and I have practiced this for years on myself. Now when something flares up. I'm like, damn it, I knew it. I knew I was blocking this. And I was sitting with this idea for too long. And I was keeping myself from putting it out in there or the opposite. Like man, I knew I was like functioning team or like pushing too hard. And I need to just surrender and allow you get to that point over time. When you put in the effort to educate yourself on yourself.

We get so caught up with putting all of our effort and energy into other people and understanding them and learning their behaviors and what makes them happy and sad and how they work. Take that energy and put it into yourself to this is where self love and self care comes into play. One of the things things that I do on a daily basis to help check in and stay in balance is first, every morning and every night-I do some form of practice. in the morning. Typically I am by myself. I have a pen and paper and a journal. I'm drinking my coffee. I'm sitting there and I am just kind of checking in. I'm not like in some deep meditation. I'm just seeing how my body feels. Where am I? Where's my mind? How do I feel emotionally, I'm checking in with all of it and if things don't feel super balanced or something feels a little off, I dig into that a little bit deeper. The other morning I woke up had a little bit of anxiety. I felt a little uneasy. So I sat with it got my pen and paper wrote it out. Like I feel a little uneasy today. Okay, Ashley, is there something going on in your life that you're nervous about that you feel uneasy about? That you haven't really expressed or work through that now it's showing up in your body's anxiety. Turns out Yes, there was. So I work through that. I focus on my breathing, I stay as present as I can. And I really said, I do the same thing at night, I spend time before bed. And like the key points to this I talked about this in another episode is because your subconscious mind so the deepest part of your thoughts, your programming, it is most fresh and most open and available for you when you first wake up in the morning. And before you go to bed. So I like taking a few minutes, like maybe 20 minutes or so to check in with this and really see what's going on as a gauge to just navigate any adjustments I need to make. On top of this, though, I exercise almost every day, that does not mean that I kill myself in the gym every single day, it just means that I make a consistent effort to move my body every single day. And the reason being, is because I don't necessarily see it as anything having to do with weight loss. But I see it as a way to emotionally channel energy out in through my body. So if you're not currently exercising, you definitely want to start doing this. And I mean, especially like I've mentioned, especially if you are somebody who is highly sensitive, if you're empathic, which I very much AM, it just means that you feel a lot. You're very much a feeler, you function in this world as a feeler, you feel a lot of your own emotions, but you feel a lot of other people's emotions, too. You have to have some sort of strategy, to being able to channel this instead of just absorbing and holding all of it in, to keep yourself grounded and to keep yourself in balance, and a fine example that you can use for yourself. The days that you sit around and you do nothing and you're just binge watching TV, you're eating junk food, it's dark, like you haven't even opened the blinds all these things. This is what you're doing physically. How does that make you feel emotionally? Okay? Not too great. The two line up and they match. What happens when you are regularly exercising, eating clean and taking care of your body... your own emotional energy feels lighter and clearer and cleaner. Because you're doing a constant process of keeping things in a balanced flow emotions come in, then they come out through the physical body. These are things you can do on a daily basis to help make sure that you're keeping yourself in balance. spend the time with your journal, spend time in silence by yourself and practice self awareness and exercise every single day. If it's not super convenient for you to exercise every day, and I'm telling you does not have to be a crazy workout, you can just take a walk, or do some yoga or just stretch, find some other way to channel that energy in like, some days I'm exhausted. So maybe I take like a really slow casual walk and I stretch my body a little bit. And then maybe I channeled that energy in writing or in music or in cooking or painting or something that feels like a physical expression, you can do the exact same thing.

It's really just about finding whatever works for you, that makes you feel the best and light and really just imbalance. Alright, last thing I'll say on this topic is where your attention goes, is where your energy goes. So if the only thing that you do, out of everything that I just told you, is make the shift of where you put your attention. So instead of focusing on the problem, you shift your attention to the solution; that in itself will do wonders for both your emotional, emotional and physical body. Maybe it's my third chakra, I don't know. Anyways. So what I mean by that is if you are constantly having something going on, either emotionally or physically, and you're putting all of your energy and attention on that, instead of focusing on the problem of it shift all of your energy and attention on the solution of how to resolve that in what you will find is inevitably it will almost kind of resolve itself. And I know that sounds a little bit crazy, but it's kind of a mindset trick. I've used this before, both when I've had issues like physically, but I've also used it emotionally. I'm not saying to ignore problems in your life. What I am saying is to pay more attention to the solution, then you pay attention to the problem. And either you will distract yourself long enough that you stop obsessing about it and the issue resolves itself. Or now that all your energy is going to the solution, naturally, you will find the balance and you will find healing and everything will resolve itself. Just before you go running to a doctor, or surgeon, or you do something extreme, whatever it might be, I would love if you would just try this first of seen if anything comes up for you. And I mean, don't try it for a day, like give it significant time of checking in with what's going on in your life scene, if there are any connections, emotionally, take that emotional connection, see if there's anything going on in your body.

All of this comes back to you have a regular practice of self awareness that connects you deeper to your emotional, physical and mental place understanding that they all work together.

If you would like to work with me as your coach in finding balance, then you can book a discovery call with me here to learn more about what coaching with me looks like.

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