December 15, 2016

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ABS TV: Barbell & Dumbbell Front Squat & Workout

ABS TV: Barbell & Dumbbell Front Squat & Workout

Today we are talking about the importance of front squats and the best form to use well performing a front squat. We also include an awesome workout that includes front squats that is not only a great lower body workout but also a total body workout.

The work out we include in this video consists of:

10 front squats super set with 10 bar facing burpees performed right after the squats for 5 rounds

1 round equals 10 front squats then 10 bar facing burpees, which you will repeat 5 times.

Remember to watch your form and that you won’t be able to do as many front squats as you do for back squats.

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