November 16, 2016

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How to Perform a Dumbbell Clean and Press (Clean and Jerk)

ABS TV Dumbbell Clean and Press Workout

One of the hardest parts about working out at home is making sure you have the proper form. Often times watching videos or looking at photos of a basic move doesn’t really show all you need to about the proper form of the move.

In this workout video we not only show you a Dumbbell Clean and Press move for single and double arms, but also the proper formation throughout the move. It is a great workout for home and it is safe for beginners, but still challenging enough for advanced lifters!

 First variation is a single arm dumbbell clean to a press with a wider stance for the swing to go between your legs. This is comparable to a kettle bell clean and press. 

Second variation is a double arm dumbbell clean and press with a more narrow stance with your feet being right below your hips.

Both moves make a great addition to a home workout routine and this video will help make sure you have the proper form! 

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