November 22, 2016









ABS TV 10-Minute Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells


ABS TV 10-Minute Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells

With all the traveling that happens during the holidays and the super busy schedules, it can be tough to keep on track with your workout plan. In this video we will show you a great upper body workout that can be done in 10 minutes and with just a pair of dumbbells.

The following three workouts equal 1 round which you will perform a total of 5 rounds. Each exercise you will perform back to back and try to complete all 5 rounds as quickly as possible. At the end make sure to record your time so you can see how you improve in the future!

1 round equals:

20 Pushups

20 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

20 Double Unders (or 40 singles)

To get not only strength but also cardio out of this workout, make sure to perform as fast as possible with proper form.

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