November 16, 2016

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ABS TV 10-Minute Total Body Workout Burner

ABS TV 10-Minute Total Body Workout Burner


Trying to fit in a full workout can be hard some days, but there is always time to fit in a quick 10 minute workout like this Total Body Workout Burner!

All you need for this workout are dumbbells or a kettle bell, which makes it a great at home workout. This workout is also great if you want to add a small intense workout to your gym routine!

This workout is 10 minutes long and it is an AMRAP, which means As Many Rounds As Possible in 10 minutes!

1 Round is:

-10 Man-makers

-10 Clean & Jerk

-10 Knee to Elbow Mountain climbers

This is also a great workout for any level because the time can be increased or decreased and there are modifications for every workout!

Before jumping right in, remember to warm up for 5 minutes and check out the entire video to see the proper form for each workout.

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