15 Minute Total Body Kettle Bell Circuit

15 Minute Total Body Kettle Bell Circuit
Today's workout is a 15 minute burner, because it is a repeated circuit that will burn your body! Not only do we show you the movements for this intense short workout, but also the proper form for each movement.
Circuit workouts with weights have several benefits. Not only is this workout a weight bearing workout, it also has a cardio aspect to it since you are not taking breaks between rounds and are constantly moving.
Having workouts with a cardiovascular aspect is important, because it helps strengthen your lungs and heart. Keeping a steady breath throughout the workout will help strengthen your lungs and will teach you how to breath during strenuous exercises and daily tasks. As you increase your heart rate, your blood is flowing more and it gives your heart a workout and strengthens the muscles
We use to be focused on cardio workouts to help lose weight, but as more research has come out, we have realized how important weighted exercises are. Not only are you increasing your lean body weight, you are also strengthening your bones, which can help reduce arthritis and fractures later in life. 
The new recommendations for physical activity by USDA is to dedicate at least two workouts a week for muscle strengthening of all major muscles groups, and spend 2 and a half hours a week performing moderate-intensity cardio workout. This workout is great to get started on both of these recommendations!
The circuit involves the following movements which is equal to a round. The goal is to complete as many rounds as possible in 15 Minutes:

5 Burpees
10 Kettle Bell Swings
15 Sit ups
This work out is great because it is an intense short workout, but it also will help increase your core muscles and give a better control of your core. It is important to have a strong core, because it helps prevent everyday injuries and strengthens your workouts!
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